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Civic Builders LLC - Cleveland Ohio


A Cleveland Ohio-based construction company focusing on quality new

construction, rehabilitation and custom home-building.



Our qualifications:Civc Builders LLC - Chicle Townhomes Cleveland Ohio

  • Strong emphasis on client satisfaction
  • Over 25 years of construction experience
  • Knowledge of modern construction techniques, materials, technology, and green building concepts
  • Attention to detail from foundation and rough framing through to drywall and finishes
  • Qualified, in-house design consultation
  • Extensive knowledge of design review, planning and permitting process
  • Ability to manage a wide scope of projects from rehabilitation of older structures to custom homes and large scale development



Civic Builders LLC - 2250 West 7th Tremont Cleveland OhioCivic Builders:

  • Has experience in small lot and infill development
  • Has extensive rehabilitation experience
  • Is dedicated to creative and contemporary design
  • Knows the importance of community involvement
  • Provides opportunity for customization from floor plans to finish selections and upgrades
  • Establishes partnerships to deliver one-stop shopping for design, construction, marketing and sales


Current Projects

1436 West 48th Street (New Construction, Ohio City)

Tillman Avenue Homes (New Construction Ohio City - Detroit Shoreway - Gordon Square)

Old Brooklyn Homes (New Construction, Old Brooklyn)

Silk Avenue Homes (New Construction, Cudell)

Carter Road (New Construction, Ohio City)


Complete Projects

(New Construction)

1928 West 48th (New Construction, Ohio City)
Civic Builder LLC - 1800 Fulton Road Cleveland Ohio 44113 (Ohio City)
1800 Fulton Road (New Construction/Rehab, Ohio City)

1903 W 75th (New Construction, Detroit Shoreway/ Gordan Square)

1907 W 75th (New Construction, Detroit Shoreway/ Gordan Square)

2078 W 44th (New Construction, Ohio City)

2475 Tremont (New Construction, Tremont)

2473 Tremont Ave Cleveland Ohio 44113 - Tremont - Civic Builders

2473 Tremont (New Construction, Tremont)

2178 West 6th (New Construction, Ohio City)

2168 West 29th - Ohio City Cleveland Ohio

2168 West 29th (New Construction, Ohio City)

758 Brayton - Tremont Cleveland Ohio

758 Brayton (New Construction, Tremont)


2910 Hancock Avenue Cleveland Ohio 44113 - Ohio City - Civic Builders

2910 Hancock (New Construction, Ohio City)


2469 Tremont Avenue Cleveland Ohio 44113 - Tremont - Civic Builders

2469 Tremont (New Construction, Tremont)


2472 Tremont Cleveland Ohio

2472 Tremont (New Construction, Tremont)


1885 West 45th Street Cleveland Ohio 44102 - Ohio City - Civic Builders

1885 West 45th Street (New Construction, Ohio City)

Bailey Avenue New Construction - Civic Builders - Cleveland Ohio (Ohio City)

Bailey Avenue Homes (New Construction Ohio City)

West 57th Street Homes Cleveland Ohio 44102- Civic Builders

 West 57th Street Homes (New Construction Detroit Shoreway - Gordon Square)

2374 Thurman - Tremont Cleveland Ohio

2374 Thurman (New Construction, Tremont)


2470 Tremont Cleveland Ohio

2470 Tremont (New Construction, Tremont)


Chicle Townhomes - Cleveland Ohio

Chicle Townhomes   (New Construction, Cudell/Edgewater)


CitiRama 2005   (New Construction, Glenville/University Circle)


Clarence Court - Tremont Cleveland Ohio

Clarence Court Townhomes  (New Construction, Tremont)


Clarence Court Single Family Home   (New Construction, Tremont)


Irishtown Bend - Cleveland Ohio

Irishtown Bend   (New Construction, Flats)


Parckside Townhomes - University Circle Cleveland Ohio

Parkside Townhomes (New Construction., University Circle)


Tremont Lane - Cleveland Ohio

Tremont Lane Phase I (New Construction, Tremont)


Footbridge Townhomes (New Construction, Tremont)


Columbus Hill - Cleveland Ohio

Columbus Hill Phase I (New Construction Tremont/Ohio City)


Complete Projects


 909 College Cleveland Ohio 44113 - Civic Builders - Tremont

909 College (Rehab/New Con, Tremont)

1842 West 44th (Rehabhilitation, Ohio City)

2504 Portman (Rehabilitation, Old Brooklyn)

2905 Portman (Rehabilitation, Old Brooklyn)

1700 Denley (Rehabilitation, Old Brooklyn)

3943 Victory (Rehabilitation, Westown)

1461 West 54th Street  (Full rehabilitation, Detroit Shoreway/Gordon Square)

11916 Kensington  (Moderate rehabilitation, Westtown)

2250 West 7th Street  (Full rehabilitation, Tremont)

3455 West 122nd Street   (Moderate rehabilitation, Westtown)

3701 Archmere  (Moderate rehabilitation, Old Brooklyn)

3804 Whitman Avenue   (Full rehabilitation, Ohio City)

5206 Herman (Full rehabilitation Detroit Shoreway/Gordon Square)

2305 Hood Ave. (Rehabilitation, Old Brooklyn)




Civic Builders LLC 1017 Fairfield Avenue, Cleveland Ohio 44113



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