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Insuring your home is not only smart, but certain types are required by your lender.

There are many different forms of insurance:

  • Title Insurance is required by the lender and protects you in the event that the title on your property has a lien, unpaid taxes or other legal problems that would make your title invalid.
  • Homeowners Insurance is required by the lender and protects your investment in the case of fire, theft or other damage. Liability would also be included to protect you in the case that someone is injured on your property or something on your property causes damage to someone elseâ��s property.
  • Flood Insurance may be required depending if your home is located in a flood zone or not.
  • Home Warranty is an optional form of insurance that protects the buyer should something unexpected happen within a certain period of time after the home transfers. This warranty can be purchased by the buyer or provided by the seller. Items likely covered include appliances, heating, air conditioning, plumbing and electrical systems. Read any warranty carefully to see what is covered and how it works if you need to use it. Most new construction homes and condos will offer some type of warranty from the builder.

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