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Spring time is finally here! The weather is warming up and so is the housing market. With the return of sunshine comes more open houses, new listings, and more competition. In order to get the dream house in the ideal location, home buyers need to be proactive when house-hunting.

To make the home buying process easier, we asked one of our Progressive Urban Real Estate experts, Mary Hromyko, to share some tips to help when the housing market is competitive and there are multiple offers:

  1. Get pre-approved! Let's say you found the home you want, you should already be preapproved for a loan so you're ready to make an offer.
  2. Identify your ideal neighborhood. Walk or drive around your desired neighborhood at different times a day to get a sense of traffic and the best areas/streets.
  3. Be quick! In the hot housing markets, expect homes to sell in a day or two.Your agent should have you set up automated emails with your ideal neighborhood and criteria selected so that you can receive daily listing updates.  
  4. Be proactive! Go to open houses every Sunday even if you are not that interested in the house. You may not think you are going to like a house until you see it in person. If you are working with an agent, be sure to let the agent holding the open house know.
  5. Be ready to jump! Be prepared to go to showings as soon as the home lists. Again, in some markets houses sell in a matter of a day or so.   
  6. Ask your real estate agent. When it comes time to make an offer, this is when you can rely on the expertise of your real estate agent. Ask your agent to help you make sure your offer is competitive but also within your budget and the accurately reflective of the home's value.
  7. Don't be impulsive! Be careful not to make an impulsive offer that's higher than you can afford just to knock out the competition.
  8. Don't be afraid to get personal. A personalized letter might help your offer stand out among multiple bids in a hot market. The letter should be brief and describe the reasons you want the home including some personal information about you and your family.

Follow these simple steps when starting the home buying process to help the search run smoothly. In need of a real estate agent? Visit our website to connect with an agent today.



Located just southwest of downtown Cleveland, Tremont is a trendy destination with restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, and stores lining the neighborhood main street - Professor Avenue. Tremont is an ideal location for homeowners that want the hustle-and-bustle of the city, as well as unique architecture, and a mix of commercial spaces and residential living. The neighborhood is a frequent choice for arts and food festivals including the Tremont Arts & Cultural Festival in addition to the Taste of Tremont.

Ohio City

Just across the Hope Memorial Bridge to the west of downtown Cleveland, Ohio City is a cultural landmark filled with micro-breweries, restaurants, cafes, gourmet fast food, ice cream shops, boutiques, and the historic West Side Market. This neighborhood is a frequent home to festivals and events including the Ohio City Street Festival. With views of the city skyline from the west side of the river, Ohio City is conveniently located to downtown and close to Tremont, Edgewater, Lakewood, and more.    


Home to Edgewater Beach, this area is lakefront living at its best. With a large park owned by the Cleveland Metroparks, this area is a dream for active homeowners looking for a mixed-use place to spend time outdoors. Just west of downtown Cleveland and only a short drive from surrounding neighborhoods, Edgewater homes are close to the action with lakefront access. The recently renovated modern beachfront pavilion features seasonal snack bars, local draft beers, and cocktails is a popular spot for music festivals including Edgewater LIVE with a front row view of downtown Cleveland.

Gordon Square Arts District

Named after its famous arts scene, the Gordon Square Arts District is home to the historic Capitol Theater; a popular destination for film festivals and special film showings. Located just west of downtown Cleveland, the neighborhood is a hidden gem with a number of art galleries, trendy restaurants, a donut shop that sells beer, a pinball parlor that serves chicken, boutiques, bars, and more. The Gordon Square Arts District is truly an arts and culture enthusiast's paradise.


Located just north of I-90, Lakewood is a happy mix of residential living and commercial shopping districts with locally owned restaurants, music venues, coffee shops, bars, vintage stores, breweries, and entertainment. Just west of downtown Cleveland, Lakewood has a number of affordable housing and investment property opportunities for home buyers who have an appreciation for character and architectural details with easy access to downtown. The Lakewood park is a picturesque spot with sunset steps and a view overlooking downtown.

North Collinwood

As a burgeoning art scene, North Collinwood is a destination for homebuyers looking for an affordable neighborhood just east of downtown Cleveland and north of I-90. With the Waterloo Arts district, North Collinwood is home to a number of art galleries, a coffee shop, popular music venue, pizza shop, and more. With access to Euclid Beach park, North Collinwood is another neighborhood with fabulous lakeviews and lakefront living opportunities.

Cleveland Heights

A suburb just east of the city of Cleveland, Cleveland Heights is just a short drive from downtown with popular destinations for food, entertainment, bars, and more. Cleveland Heights offers tree-lined streets with homes of every style boasting unique architecture, lots of square footage, and plenty of yard space. With Coventry Village, Cedar/Fairmount, and Lee Road shopping districts, this neighborhood is a balanced mixture of both residential living and commercial districts with easy access to downtown, University Circle, and other popular neighborhoods.

Shaker Heights

The historic city of Shaker Heights is home to beautiful English, French, and Colonial architectural residences. Just southeast of downtown Cleveland, Shaker Heights has a number of popular shopping districts and parks as well as several train stops along the blue and green line. The newly re-imagined Van Aken district is a shopping district at the end of the Blue Line featuring retail, bakeries, restaurants, an indoor market, and festivals with train access to downtown and other neighborhoods with stops.

Larchmere/Shaker Square

Located just a short drive from University Circle or a quick train trip from downtown, the Larchmere/Shaker Square districts are a vibrant arts community with shopping, entertainment, restaurants, bakeries, arts, and culture. The Larchmere neighborhood is home to the Larchmere PorchFest, the Larchmere Festival, and a number of other sidewalk events. The Larchmere district is just steps from the historic Shaker Square shopping district which is home to one of the North Union Farmers Markets in addition to other festivals such as the Garlic Festival and various arts fairs.


A neighborhood as unique as its architectural residences, the Glenville community is home to the Cleveland Cultural Gardens, Rockefeller Park & Greenhouse, Gordon Park's lake views, and the Cleveland Lakefront Nature Preserve. Once a summer resort for wealthy Clevelanders, each home is more grand than the next, especially the East Boulevard; a historic road lined with architecturally individualistic homes and apartment buildings. Glenville is only a short drive from downtown, University Circle, and other eastern neighborhoods with easy access to the I-90 Shoreway.

University Circle

One of the more contemporary neighborhoods in the Cleveland area, University Circle is located just east of downtown Cleveland with several new construction apartments and townhomes as well as recently renovated residences. Just along Cleveland's healthline bus route and the RTA red line, this neighborhood is accessible and convenient to the Cleveland Clinic, University Hospitals, and Case campus' located within this neighborhood. A center for arts, education, and culture, University Circle features several world renowned museums and music halls all within walking distance.

West Park

Close to the highway and just a short drive from downtown Cleveland, West Park is a mixture of affordable residential living and commercial shopping districts including the popular Kamm's Corner. The Kamm's Corner shopping district is a frequent host to popular festivals including the annual Hooley on Kamm's Corner. Just southwest of the city, this neighborhood's commercial districts include a vital entertainment scene with bars, restaurants, shopping, and more.

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