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10217 Edgewater Drive

Feel the breeze off of Lake Erie in this stately brick center hall Colonial within a block of Edgewater Park! This is your chance to live in one of Cleveland's most sought after locations steps from the lake. This soon-to-be century home's features include an updated kitchen complete with a breakfast bar that opens up to the home's formal dining room. The kitchen also features an exposed brick chimney, granite countertops, a double oven with convection, built-in microwave, Sub-Zero refrigerator, and pantry. This kitchen truly the perfect place to host a holiday party... or any party for that matter! With tons of space for entertaining and a prime location, this home is bursting with character and charm that are sure to not disappoint. 

The large living room features a beautiful, deep wood-burning fireplace and french doors that open up to a back, covered patio as well as large bay windows with window seat perfect for relaxing. A sunroom off the family room features skylights, wall-to-wall windows, AND a gorgeous view of Lake Erie. Each of the bathrooms are beautifully updated including the master bathroom which features a large walk-in tile and glass shower with multiple spray heads. Off of the master, there is a bonus room with potential to be huge walk-in closet. On the third floor is a suite with a spacious bedroom and full bathroom. The home's basement includes three finished rooms; one has potential to be a home gym, while the second has plumbing for a potential wet bar. Off of the second room is a large game/recreation room with a wood-burning fireplace and full size windows! The exterior of the home boasts a rolling front yard with perennials and brick walkways, a 2-car masonry garage, and fenced yard. The home is less than a block to Edgewater Park and the Lakefront Bikeway with access to Gordon Square and Ohio City. Just off the Shoreway, there is easy access to downtown Cleveland, University Circle, and Tremont. 

Get to Know the Edgewater Neighborhood!

Located just west of downtown Cleveland, Edgewater is a vibrant, walkable neighborhood with ample outdoor space, restaurants, retail including the Clifton Boulevard Historic District, and beautiful tree-lined streets. The neighborhood extends from West 117th, where Lakewood begins, to the Detroit-Shoreway neighborhood to the east. With excellent beach access at the nearby Edgewater Beach and Park, Edgewater truly is lakefront living at its best. Edgewater is also a bike-friendly community with access to the Cleveland Lakefront Bikeway at Edgewater Park. The bikeway extends a total of 17 miles along the city's Lake Erie shoreline, between Euclid and Edgewater Park. 

The neighborhood is known for its grand, magnificent homes with unique architectural houses located on both Lake Avenue and Edgewater Drive as well as Harborview Drive. This elegant home is located on Edgewater Drive; just a short walking distance to a number of Cleveland favorites including the Clifton Martini & Wine Bar as well as Project: Pizza, Liquid Fresh Planet Clifton, and Earth Bistro Cafe. The home is also a short walk from the picturesque Cleveland sign located on the far west side of Edgewater park. Below is a list of all the neighborhood amenities, many of which are within walking distance. To view more photos or schedule a showing, click here to view the full listing. 


Earth Bistro Cafe

Liquid Fresh Planet Clifton

Project: Pizza

Clifton Martini & Wine Bar

Don's Lighthouse Grille

Pulp Juice & Smoothie Bar

Twist Social Club

Landmark: Smokehouse. Kitchen. Bar. 

Tick Tock Tavern

China Cafe

El Jalapenos Authentic Mexican Restaurant

Papa Nick's Pizza & Pasta

The Brother's Lounge


Lucky's Market

Coffee Shop



Flower Child


Romer Salon

Eddy's Barbershop

Urban Planting Cleveland


Edgewater Park Beach

Edgewater Park


Edgewater Cleveland Sign

Cleveland Lakefront Bikeway


Cold temperatures have arrived and the greater Cleveland area is preparing for the imminent winter weather ahead of us. The Realtors at Progressive Urban understand how hard homeowners work to take care of their homes and how important it is to prepare homes for the winter season. With that in mind, our top priority is to make sure that homeowners are making improvements to their homes that not only help to maintain or increase the value of their home, but also prevent any damage. The winter season can be an especially vulnerable time for homes in the Cleveland area. To be the most prepared you can be, we put together these 5 steps to protect your home against the winter elements: 

  1. Have your furnace serviced! As soon as the temperatures drop and the heat comes on, it is a good idea to have your furnace serviced by a professional. This will help your furnace run more efficiently and prepare you for any future costs that may be down the road. 
  2. Clean your gutters. Following the fall season, leaves and other debris are likely to have accumulated in your gutters. Cleaning out leaves and other debris will help prevent water from freezing, potentially causing any damage to your gutters. Maintaining your home and preventing damage will help your home maintain its value long-term.
  3. Insulate any doors or windows that are leaking cold air. Not only can reducing the cold air leakage into your home help to keep your house warm, it will also help improve efficiency and potentially lower costs associated with heating your home.
  4. Have your roof inspected. Another item to have serviced before the harsh cold weather, you should have your roof looked at by a professional to help prevent any further damage and prepare for any future costs. This also includes having any skylights, pipes, or chimneys inspected to ensure that insulation is sufficient and there are no cracks around the sealant that could let in water or cold air.
  5. Landscape your yard. This may not seem like an obvious step, however, maintaining and cleaning up your yard before winter can help prevent damage to your windows, roof, or gutters. Winter can sometimes bring windy storms in addition to the snow and cold weather that can cause untrimmed trees to lose branches. By inspecting any trees on your property, you can remove any dead or dangling branches that could threaten to break a window or take down your gutters.

Need a recommendation on any professional services? Ask your Realtor at Progressive Urban! Still involved in the home buying process? Ask your Realtor when viewing a home what items may need attention for winterizing so that you are better prepared for what is to come. The Realtors at Progressive Urban are more than happy to help you out.


At Progressive Urban Real Estate, our agents work with all types of homes including new construction, complete renovations, and older homes looking for some attention. For those who love older homes, it can be a challenge when searching to identify key items that indicate whether or not a home is a good investment. To make things a little simpler for our buyers, one of our century-home-loving agents, Michele Anderson, provided us with some key items to look for when buying an older home. When viewing a home, be sure to ask yourself the following questions to help determine if the condition of the home is a manageable purchase. 

  1. What is the condition of the roof? A roof should have years of useful life remaining, or the house should be priced accordingly, knowing that an expensive roof replacement is expected in the near future. With asphalt shingles, which is most commonly found, the number of layers of shingles is important. In the past, when a roof began to show signs of age or started leaking, roofers would just apply a new layer of shingles over it. If there are several layers of that material, a new roof installation will require that all of the old roof layers be removed. This is referred to as a "tear off" and will add to the cost of replacing that old roof. Your Realtor will be able to provide you with the details of the roof and when was the last time that it was replaced.
  2. Does the home have updated electrical? It is not uncommon to find electrical service panels with an inadequate number of circuits for today's modern living. With older homes knob and tube electrical is also a common occurrence. Although this electrical method is no longer used, it is still present in many older homes and can either be updated or upgraded to fit within housing requirements. Panel boxes should have adequate number, and correctly sized circuits. The circuits should be adequate for the home and each room should have several electrical outlets, with at least two in small bedrooms and GFCI protected outlets in each of the baths and kitchen. During the inspection, almost invariably, knob and tube wiring and some ungrounded outlets will be discovered. Unless the home has been completely renovated this is to be expected.

Michele's Pro Tip: Check to see if there is a Federal Pacific circuit breaker box. This particular type of breaker box was recalled due to potential fire hazard.  The boxes are usually clearly marked with the name "Federal Pacific", and are still commonly found in the basements of homes. Those old Federal Pacific circuit breaker boxes should be replaced.

  1. Does the basement have any moisture? Homes with 80+ year old basements are not going to be completely moisture free. The materials used, like clay tile, stone or brick, along with the construction methods of the day, make it likely that there will be some moisture infiltration. The basements may not be leaking, but they will probably be damp. One often sees dehumidifiers running in below grade levels of older homes. Check to see if there have been any actions taken to combat or prevent any moisture damage such as crack repairs or waterproofing.
  2. How old are the windows? Many older homes have vinyl, or aluminum clad wood replacement windows, but often the original wood windows are still in place. Original windows do not offer the same level of insulation that modern windows do. Many old house lovers want to keep the original windows because they maintain the historic look and character of the home. This is especially true if the original windows have leaded, or beveled, glass, or are otherwise decorative. As long as there is no peeling paint creating a lead hazzard, and the windows are still operable, older windows can be acceptable, and often enhance the look of the house. If you are interested in preserving the original charm of your older home, ask your Realtor about a purchase rehab loan.
  3. Do the floors show a sign of foundation issues? Nearly all homes over 80 years old have some surfaces that are likely not level. Most often, there may be floors or doorways that are not completely level, having shifted with the home over the years. Unlevel surfaces do not necessarily mean that the house has structural issues. It is best to have a professional inspector evaluate if there is just normal settling present, or if the unevenness is evidence of a more serious problem. Need recommendations for professional inspectors? Ask your Progressive Urban Realtor! 
  4. What are your expectations? If you have never lived in an older home, there may be some items to consider that come along with the charm, space, and abundant natural light and other desirable features of the old homes. If you are unsure about what type of home you would like to buy, consult with your realtor about the benefits of buying an older home versus other options such as a new construction or renovated home. For more details, visit each of the above links to learn more. 

When viewing a home, your Realtor will be able to provide details on any pieces of the home that have been updated. Have questions or need guidance with identifying what to look for when purchasing an older home? Ask your Progressive Urban Real Estate Agent! Our agents are not only experts on Cleveland neighborhoods, they are also experts in the home buying process. The Realtors at Progressive Urban are more than happy to help you out.




When beginning the home buying process, there are a number of items to consider to ensure that you find a home that is the right fit for your needs. As the next step in our 5 Steps to Home Ownership, we want to provide guidance on identifying your wants and needs in a home. We put together a few steps to help you tackle some of the bigger questions that you need to ask yourself when beginning the search for your dream home. With every want and need that you are able to identify, the easier it will be for your Progressive Urban agent to find a home that best fits your checklist. 

  1. What type of home are you looking for? Single-family? Duplex? Condo? 
  2. Where do you want to live? Is there a particular neighborhood you want to live in?
    • For guidance on neighborhoods with homes within your budget, ask your Progressive Urban Real Estate agent!
  3. Is there a particular style of home that you want? Ranch? Bungalow? Colonial?
  4. How many bedrooms do you need?
  5. How many bathrooms do you need?
  6. Do you need a yard? Is that a want or a need?
  7. Do you need a home with a basement? Or a garage? 
  8. Are you interested in a fixer-up? Or maybe a renovated home? Or maybe you are looking for a new construction house. 

Make sure most of these questions have been answered before you start your home buying process to ensure that the homes you are viewing best fit within your criteria. To go the extra mile, consider putting your wants and needs into a Home Buying Checklist. This will help your Progressive Urban agent better determine what wants and needs realistically fit within your budget. Other questions to ask yourself to help identify your wants and needs include: 

  1. What do you like and not like about where you live now? 
  2. How long do you plan on living in your new home?
  3. Are your wants and needs realistic? 
    • Not sure if your wants and needs are realistic for your budget, location, etc? Ask your Progressive Urban Real Estate agent!
  4. If a home you really like does not meet your needs, can you remodel within your budget to meet those needs?

Asking yourself all of these questions will also make it easier for you to identify absolute deal breakers and will help your agent find you the best fit. Have questions or need guidance with identifying your wants vs. needs? Ask your Realtor! Our agents are not only experts on Cleveland neighborhoods, they are also experts in the home buying process. The Realtors at Progressive Urban are more than happy to help you out.

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