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Deciding to move to Cleveland can be one of the best decisions you make. Here are the top reasons why.

Considering a move to Cleveland? Northeast Ohio has a lot to offer, and the area is reemerging as a popular place to start a new career or build a family. Located on the shore of Lake Erie, Cleveland became a significant manufacturing hub over the past century. Today it's known for its world-class healthcare system, recreational activities, and diversity. Our real estate agents are always bragging about the great things Cleveland has to offer. Here are some of the top reasons why people love living here:

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The summer season has kicked off and Cleveland's patio season is upon us. As local Cleveland experts, we put together a list of top must-visit restaurants with excellent patios to pair. Whether you are looking for incredible water views, delicious food, or local brews this list has got you covered. 

The Flats

1. Collision Bend Brewing

2. Lindey's Lake House

3. Shooters on the Water


4. The South Side

5. Cloak + Dagger

6. The Treehouse

Ohio City

7. The Harp

8. Le Petit Triangle Cafe

9. Saucy Brew Works


10. Clifton Martini + Wine Bar

11. Dinerbar on Clifton

Old Brooklyn

12. Pearl Road Tavern + Eatery

Detroit Shoreway/Gordon Square

13. Astoria Cafe + Market

14. Flight Cleveland

15. Terrestrial Brewing Company


16. Noble Beast Brewing Co.

17. Masthead Brewing Co.

North Collinwood

18. Scotti's Italian Eatery

Larchmere/Shaker Square

19. Batuqui

20. Felice Urban Cafe

21. Zanzibar

University Circle/Murray Hill

22. TOLI

23. Tacologist

24. L'Albatros

Clark - Fulton

25. Phunkenship


North Union Farmers Market

Shaker Square Market Saturdays from 8a to 12p

Cleveland Clinic Main Campus Wednesdays from 10:30a to 1:30p

University Hospitals Thursdays from 10:30a to 1:30p

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Tremont Farmers Market 

Tuesdays from 3:30p to 4p for vulnerable population and 4p to 7p for everyone

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West Side Market, Ohio City

Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays from 8a to 5p

Saturdays from 7a to 5p

Sundays from 10a to 4p

Click here for more details

Old Brooklyn Farmers Market

Saturdays from 9a to 1p

Click here for more details

Kamm's Corners Farmers Market

Sundays from 10a to 1p

Click here for more details

Good Earth Urban Farm Stand

Thursdays from 3p to 7p

Mondays from 3p to 7p

Saturdays from 12p to 4p

Click here for more details

Coit Road Farmers Market

Wednesdays from 8a to 1p

Saturdays from 8a to 1p

Click here for more details

Flats East Bank Farmers Market

Wednesdays from 4p to 8p

Click here for more details

Gateway 105 Farmers Market

Fridays from 3p to 7p

Saturdays from 1p to 5p

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University Circle is a unique community experience that connects all people with Cleveland's center of culture, healing, and learning. That includes the world class Cleveland Orchestra, the renowned Cleveland Museum of Art, MOCA for contemporary art, and the Cleveland Botanical Gardens. This spacious townhouse offers all of the sophistication and amenities you are looking for in a vibrant urban setting. Look no further than 1581 E 118th Street.

This warm and spacious townhouse filled with lots of natural light was built in 2007 and offers everything one could want in urban living. The home is located in the heart of University Circle and overlooks the CASE campus. The open first floor has hardwood floors and a generous sized gourmet kitchen, with stainless steel appliances (2014) and granite countertops. The living room has a gas fireplace and leads out to a private oasis featuring fruit trees, berries, roses, and lovely perennials. The first floor living areas and halls were freshly painted in 2020. Unique built-in cabinetry throughout the townhouse includes a built-in desk/work area on the first floor as well as a bookcase and blanket chest in the upstairs hall. The home owner's suite, bathed in the morning sun, features a large walk-in closet and full bath with whirlpool tub. The third floor features two large bedrooms and full bath. As a bonus, there is a full basement, tax abatement through 2022, and the Greater Circle Living forgivable loan available to employees of University Circle institutions. Check out the listing by clicking here


I wanted to take a moment to let our clients, customers, and friends know how we are doing here at Progressive Urban Real Estate during this extraordinarily difficult time. First of all, we are open for business and have been working remotely since March 16th. Since real estate is considered an essential business, we are taking the proper precautions to keep our agents, clients, and customers safe. Below are some basic guidelines about how to conduct business in today's market. Because there are many facets to the real estate business, we need to look at each situation differently. Please ask your agent if you have any questions so that we can figure out a path that is best for you.

For buyers, social distancing must be part of the showing routine and you may want to consider only looking at vacant homes. Things that you can do to stay safe include: driving separately from your agent to showings, staying 6 feet away from your agent or anyone else, wearing gloves and/or a mask, using hand sanitizer after every showing, washing your hands whenever possible, and avoid touching your face. When you get home you may want to shower and wash the clothes that you were wearing.

For sellers, if you currently live in the property that you are selling know that there is a risk letting people show your home whether you leave at the time of showing or not. While there does not seem to be a conclusion on exactly how the disease is spread, what is known is that it is highly contagious and it can live on surfaces for a period of time. Also, know that buyer's agents and their customers may only be showing vacant homes in order to keep their risk of infection low. If you are selling a property that is tenant occupied, it is in everyone's best interest that that property not be shown. Whether owner or tenant occupied, sellers must think about potential liability if a tenant or a customer coming through a listing contracts the disease and looks to place blame. Depending on your circumstances, if you have an occupied home or showings of your vacant home have slowed or stopped, you may want to consider taking the home temporarily off the market. The Multiple Listing Service has changed their rules so that a home can be taken off the market temporarily (TOMK) and the days on market will stop accruing. Flexibility is key in times of crisis.

We all need to work together in order to get through the pandemic and help lessen its effects on each one of us and the overall population. I stress that you are not in this alone. If you have questions about your situation, talk to your agent so that we can figure out the best solution for you. Also note that we have switched up our marketing by trying to post community resources along with the homes we have listed in order to balance business with the needs of the community.

Stay safe Cleveland!

David Sharkey
Progressive Urban Real Estate


Summer is coming to a close and the agents at Progressive Urban Real Estate want to ensure that our clients are prepared for when the spring home shopping market arrives. With many individuals being asked to stay home as much as possible considering the ongoing pandemic, we wanted to give some ideas on ways to spend your time at home. For those who are planning on putting your home on the market or have plans to move once the pandemic has subsided, we put together a few quick tips to make certain your home looks its best. And for those who are not planning on either of the aforementioned, these tips might just be helpful for making the time pass and to use the extra time at home more efficiently. Clean out that office you've been meaning to organize or declutter your kitchen; the time is now!

  1. Organize your stuff. There is no way to tell how long your home may be on the market. Organizing and preparing your personal items for the move will help make it that much easier! 
  2. Make any necessary repairs + improvements. Like that leaky faucet or the squeaky door. Loose handle on the cabinet? Fix it! Buyers want to see homes that look fresh and well-kept. 
  3. Step up your curb appeal! While the weather may still be a bit too cold to begin outdoor improvements, now is a perfect time to start planning. Come up with some ideas for improving the look of your home and come up with a plan to get your home looking its best for spring!
  4. Neutralize your home - depersonalize, deodorize, + declutter! When buyers tour a home, they want to be able to envision themselves living there. By neutralizing your home, you are making it easier for those buyers to do so. 
  5. Clean, clean, clean! Make your place shine. Be sure to clean all surfaces and windows. Buyers want to see a clean house that is light + bright! Cleaning windows can help let as much light in as possible to make your space look its best. 

Find a real estate agent! Probably the most important part of preparing your home for sale would be finding a great real estate agent. The agents at Progressive Urban Real Estate are here to help and answer any questions that you may have including keeping you informed on the state of the real estate market at any given time. As the leader in the Cleveland Real Estate market, we have seen it all. Contact us by visiting our website or call us at 216.619.9696.


Spring is (hopefully) just around the corner and the agents at Progressive Urban Real Estate want to ensure that our clients are prepared for the spring home shopping market. The spring market can be a highly competitive time and we want to make sure your home stands out from the rest. To help with preparing your home for sale, we put together a few quick tips to make certain your home looks its best.

1. Organize your stuff. There is no way to tell how long your home may be on the market. Organizing and preparing your personal items for the move will help make it that much easier!
2. Make any necessary repairs + improvements. Like that leaky faucet or the squeaky door. Loose handle on the cabinet? Fix it! Buyers want to see homes that look fresh and well-kept.
3. Step up your curb appeal! While the weather may still be a bit too cold to begin outdoor improvements, now is a perfect time to start planning. Come up with some ideas for improving the look of your home and come up with a plan to get your home looking its best for spring!
4. Neutralize your home - depersonalize, deodorize, + declutter! When buyers tour a home, they want to be able to envision themselves living there. By neutralizing your home, you are making it easier for those buyers to do so.
5. Clean, clean, clean! Make your place shine. Be sure to clean all surfaces and windows. Buyers want to see a clean house that is light + bright! Cleaning windows can help let as much light in as possible to make your space look its best.
6. Find a real estate agent! Probably the most important part of preparing your home for sale would be finding a great real estate agent. The agents at Progressive Urban Real Estate are here to help and answer any questions that you may have. As the leader in the Cleveland Real Estate market, we have seen it all. Contact us by visiting our website or call us at 216.619.9696.


Brite Winter 2020

Progressive Urban Real Estate has been an active member of the community in the city of Cleveland since being founded in 1986. With deep roots in downtown Cleveland and the first suburbs, Progressive Urban has been an advocate of urban revitalization and contributing to the growth and development of Cleveland's urban neighborhoods. Not only do many of our realtors live where they work, our agency also supports local organizations such as the Brite Winter festival. Progressive Urban Real Estate is proud to be a bronze level sponsor of this year's Brite Winter festival; an annual outdoor music, arts, food, and beer festival hosted during one of Cleveland's coldest months.  

So how did the Brite Winter festival come to be? It all began when a couple of friends were sharing a pitcher on a patio at the end of the summer. Conversation turned to two things: what can younger people do to get more involved in the community; and what are things you've always wanted to do? We decided that Cleveland really needed to embrace winter and have fun with it. They ended up finding an enormous amount of support in the community and found that there were way too many things to show off in this town. Their first event consisted of 800 people listening to music, building snow forts, and sliding around on ski-bikes in an urban park. The second year lead to even more partnerships and fun. Since then, the event has grown to one with over 20,000 visitors, tons of community partnerships, and over 3 dozen musical acts.

The team at Brite Winter wanted to contribute to the Cleveland cultural landscape with a free/low cost, and accessible events during underserved times of the year, like winter; an event where anyone can experience our city through traditional and innovative activities. Brite Winter marries fire, participatory art, food, music, and games to build community while helping Clevelanders embrace the cold winter months.

Brite Winter embraces their core values of positivity, community, creativity, artistic excellence, and accessibility contributing to the Cleveland cultural landscape with a free/low cost, and accessible events during underserved times of the year, like winter; an event where anyone can experience our city through traditional and innovative activities. We at Progressive Urban Real Estate are proud to be a community partner of the Brite Winter organization.

The Brite Winter festival is scheduled for Saturday, February 22nd from 3p to 1a in the West Bank of the Flats and is a FREE event. For more information about the event, click here. We hope to see you there! 


Appraisal: A determination of the value of something, such as jewelry, stock, or, in this case, the house you plan to buy. 

APR: A yearly interest rate that includes upfront fees and costs paid to acquire the loan, calculated by taking the average compound interest rate over the term of the loan.

Closing Costs: All settlement or transaction charges (above and beyond the actual cost of the property) that home buyers (or sellers, depending on tradition in your area and what you negotiate with the seller) need to pay at the close of escrow when the property is transferred. 

Closing Disclosure: A form that provides final details about the mortgage loan you have selected.

Contingency: A provision in a contract stating that some or all of the terms of the contract will be altered or voided by the occurrence of a specific event, usually by specific dates leading up to the closing. 

Contract: The document in which the seller agrees to sell the house to the buyer and the buyer agrees to buy it. 

Conventional Loan: A conventional loan is a normal loan. It is typically fixed in its terms and rate.

Counteroffer: The rejection of an offer to enter into a contract, where the rejecting party includes a different offer that changes the terms of the original offer in some way.

Down Payment: The portion of the sale price that you pay in cash. The rest is paid with the mortgage.

Debt Ratio: The ratio of your debt to your income. Banks use this to figure out how much money they're willing to loan you, which of course impacts what price home you're able to buy.

Deed: A deed is a signed legal document that transfers the title of a property to a new holder, granting them the privilege of ownership.

Earnest Money: A deposit made that represents a buyer's good faith to buy a home.

Equity: The amount of value you own in a property, after subtracting the outstanding loan.

Escrow: The holding of funds or documents by a neutral third party (typically a title/escrow company) prior to closing your home sale.

FHA Loan: A program in which the federal government insures the lender if you fail to pay and they have to foreclose. 

Fixed Rate Mortgage: A mortgage loan that has an interest rate that remains constant throughout the life of the loan, usually 15 or 30 years.

Home Insurance: A form of property insurance that covers losses and damages to an individual's residence, along with furnishings and other assets in the home.

Mortgage Insurance: An insurance policy that protects a mortgage lender or titleholder if the borrower defaults on payments, dies or is otherwise unable to meet the contractual obligations of the mortgage.

Pre-Approval: A mortgage lender indicates that they have reviewed a buyer's finances and will approve them for a home loan of a certain amount, pending final review of their finances and the property being purchased.

Principal: The outstanding balance on a loan. Also refers to the portion of a loan payment that pays down your debt (as opposed to interest, which is the bank's profit)

Property Taxes: Taxes paid to local governments on property you own. 

Title Insurance: Protects both real estate owners and lenders against loss or damage occurring from liens, encumbrances, or defects in the title or actual ownership of a property. 

Variable Rate Mortgage: A type of home loan in which the interest rate is not fixed. Instead, interest payments will be adjusted at a level above a specific benchmark or reference rate.


Since 2016, there has been an influx in short-term rentals across the city. To ensure that our clients and the general public are informed on the rules and regulations of the imposed housing codes, we put together important details regarding the steps needed to be taken in order to operate a short-term rental in the city of Cleveland. The details listed below come directly from the City of Cleveland's Department of Building and Housing codes and ordinances under Title IX: Housing Codes.

Chapter 371 - Rental Dwelling Standards 

Under the current codes and ordinances, an owner, operator or agent shall not rent, lease or offer for rental or lease for residential occupancy any dwelling units, dwelling structures or any part of a dwelling unit or dwelling structure that does not comply with the standards for residential occupancy (371.01).

In the case of short-term rentals, any units that are intended to be used as a short-term rental property for more than 91 days per calendar year require a Rental Unit Registration form and must obtain a rental permit in order to operate (365.02). The ordinance requires that each particular dwelling unit must be provided as limited lodging for no more than 91 days a year. Additionally, the titled-owner or tenant must use a dwelling unit for residential household living purposes more than 51% of the year.

An owner of a residential rental unit or units located in the City shall register each unit with the Department of Building and Housing in a rental registry which is established by the Director (365.02).

Key Take-a-Ways

1. A property dwelling cannot be purchased with the sole-intent of being rented out as a short-term rental. 

Example: An investor buys a building with 2 apartments, they rent one on a long term basis (over 30 days) and the other one they use as a full time (more than 91 days per year) short term rental on airbnb.  The owner does not live in the building.

2. Property dwellings that are being rented out as short-term rentals (30 days or less) must be owner-occupied for 51% of the year. 

3. Rental properties (short-term rentals included) must comply with the city of Cleveland's Department of Building and House standards and regulations. 

If these code standards are not upheld, the Commissioner of Housing is hereby authorized to make or cause to be made inspections of all structures or premises used for dwelling purposes to determine whether such structures or premises conform to the provisions of this Housing Code, and to the provisions of the Zoning Code (367.02).

Housing Codes: Purpose (361.02)

Within the scope of this Housing Code as hereinafter defined, the purpose of this Code is to establish minimum standards necessary to make all dwelling structures safe, sanitary, free from fire and health hazards and fit for human habitation and beneficial to the public welfare; establish minimum standards governing maintenance of dwelling structures in safe and sanitary condition; fix responsibilities for owners and occupants of dwelling structures with respect to sanitation, repair and maintenance; establish additional standards for rented or leased dwellings and rooming occupancies; authorize the inspection of dwelling structures; establish enforcement procedures; authorize the vacation or condemnation of dwelling structures unsafe or unfit for human habitation; and fix penalties for violations.

To view a more comprehensive, complete list of codes and ordinances according to the City of Cleveland's Depart of Building and Housing, visit their website by clicking here.


Cleveland Brite Winter 2020

At Progressive Urban Real Estate, we pride ourselves on being experts in the Cleveland Real Estate market. Our agents take the time to get to know the surrounding communities and neighborhoods that make the city of Cleveland special. Many of our agents live in these same communities that they are selling real estate in, making their involvement that much more meaningful. 

A big part of community involvement is knowing what exciting things are happening around the Cleveland area. Knowing the market and what makes Cleveland the unique city attracting new residents to its charm more and more every single day. Here are a few of the biggest events scheduled to happen in Cleveland during 2020.


NARI Home Improvement Show Friday, January 10th - Sunday, January 12th

North Coast Harbor Ice Fest Monday, January 20th

Cleveland Winter Beer Fest Friday, January 24th + Saturday, January 25th

Lunar New Year Celebration Saturday, January 25th


Donut Fest Cleveland Saturday, February 8th

Brite Winter Festival Saturday, February 22nd

Progressive Urban Real Estate is proud to be a Bronze Level Sponsor of the Brite Winter Festival in the West Bank of the Flats!

Kurentovanje Saturday, February 22nd


St. Patrick's Day In The Land Tuesday, March 17th

44th Annual Cleveland International Film Festival Wednesday, March 25th - Sunday, April 5th

Cleveland Indians Home Opener Thursday, March 26th


Dyngus Day Monday, April 13th


Cleveland Asian Festival Saturday, May 16th + Sunday, May 17th

Tremont Greek Festival 2020 Saturday, May 23rd - Tuesday, May 26th

Flats Taste Of Summer 2020 Saturday, May 23rd - Monday, May 25th


Crafted Festival Saturday, June 6th

Parade the Circle 2020 Saturday, June 13th

Larchmere Porchfest 2020 Saturday, June 20th

Solstice 2020 Saturday, June 20th

The Hooley on Kamm's Corners Saturday, June 20th

Burning River Fest 2020 Friday, June 26th + Saturday, June 27th

Waterloo Arts Fest 2020 Saturday, June 27th

Edgewater Street Fest 2020 Sunday, June 28


Flats Festival of the Arts Saturday, August 22nd + Sunday, August 23rd

Cleveland Garlic Festival Saturday, August 29th + Sunday, August 30th


Ingenuity Festival of Art + Technology September 2020

Cleveland National Air Show Saturday, September 5th - Monday, September 7th


Cleveland Bazaar at the 5th Street Arcade Saturday, November 28th

Cleveland Winterfest Saturday, November 28th


ArtCraft Building Holiday Show Saturday, December 5th + Sunday, December 6th

Cleveland Bazaar Holiday! At the 78th Street Studios Saturday, December 12th


Progressive Urban's favorite sales of 2019


Having been in business for over 30 years, the Realtors at Progressive Urban Real Estate are well versed in the process of becoming a homeowner. In In last week's blog post, we detailed what to expect during the closing process; leading up to closing and on the day of closing. In this blog post, we will provide guidance on how to prepare for the closing process.

In a real estate transaction, the closing is the final exchange in the sale and purchase of real estate in which the deed of title is delivered to the buyer, the title is transferred, financing documents, title insurance policies are exchanged, and the agreed-on costs are paid.

As a quick refresh, here is a simplified breakdown of what happens during closing and when the buyer finally becomes the homeowner. To read a more extensive list of what to expect during the closing process, take a look at last week's blog post

  1. The buyer signs a number of documents that are related to the mortgage loan and the sale of the property. 
  2. The buyer pays all closing costs related to the sale of the property.
  3. The title is transferred from the seller to the buyer and the buyer receives the keys to their new property!

So, how can home buyers prepare for the closing process? Here are a few tips for making the entire process as easy as possible:

Save, save, save! 

Start saving money as soon as possible. On closing day, there are a number of costs that buyers will incur including the down payment, processing fees, and other associated costs. The more financially prepared you are, the better! 

Keep an eye out for important documents.

One document important to look for is the Closing Disclosure document. This document will contain details about your home loan, your monthly mortgage payments, and your closing costs. It will tell you how much you actually have to pay when you close. It also provides a line-item breakdown of the individual costs and fees. This information will be especially helpful for buyers when securing funds for the day of closing. 

Get your funds all squared away.

Talk to your mortgage loan officer and your escrow agent to identify what the preferred method of payment is. It is important to have your payment prepared in advance so that there are no hold ups on the day of closing. 

Stay in touch with your key points of contact.

This includes your real estate agent, loan officer, and escrow agent who can answer questions you might have relating to the closing process. Be proactive! Communication is important during this process and ensuring that you have completed and provided all necessary documents leading up to the closing will help the entire process run as smoothly as possible. 

Have any further questions regarding the closing process and how home buyers can best prepare? Ask your Realtors at Progressive Urban Real Estate! 


When buying a home, the closing process can be a confusing practice that not many buyers know what all is involved in it. At Progressive Urban Real Estate, we are here to make sure that process runs as smoothly as possible and to make sure that our clients feel educated and empowered about the process as a whole. 

The closing process essentially refers to the reviewing and signing documents that ultimately lead to a buyer becoming a homeowner. During the closing process, the bulk of the time is spent signing documents transferring the property and authorizing payments.

To make things as easy as possible, here is a quick three step process to break down the steps that buyers should expect during the closing process: 

The Real Estate Buyer Closing Process

For additional context, we put together a more extensive list of what happens during closing and when the buyer finally becomes the homeowner. 

  1. The home buyer will sign a variety of documents prepared by the bank and organized by the escrow / closing agent. 

Note: This closing process is usually managed by an escrow agent. An escrow agent is a third party who handles the paperwork signing, recording of the documents and funds collection and distribution.  

  1. The home buyer will also wire funds for downpayment and closing costs. The amount due is sent over to the buyer prior to the closing.
  2. The escrow agent confirms that the funds have been received from the buyer and that all of the documents are property signed.  The okay is then given to "file" the documents with the county recorders office officially transferring ownership from the seller to the buyer. 
  3. During time the escrow agent distributes the funds to the seller and other entities owed money for work on the transaction.
  4. The home buyer will be listed as the official owner of the property and becomes a homeowner!

In next week's blog post, we will detail how home buyers can best prepare for the closing process and provide some tips for clients who are planning to buy a home or already have a home that they are planning on purchasing. Have any questions regarding the purchase or closing process? Reach out to your Realtor at Progressive Urban!


10217 Edgewater Drive

Feel the breeze off of Lake Erie in this stately brick center hall Colonial within a block of Edgewater Park! This is your chance to live in one of Cleveland's most sought after locations steps from the lake. This soon-to-be century home's features include an updated kitchen complete with a breakfast bar that opens up to the home's formal dining room. The kitchen also features an exposed brick chimney, granite countertops, a double oven with convection, built-in microwave, Sub-Zero refrigerator, and pantry. This kitchen truly the perfect place to host a holiday party... or any party for that matter! With tons of space for entertaining and a prime location, this home is bursting with character and charm that are sure to not disappoint. 

The large living room features a beautiful, deep wood-burning fireplace and french doors that open up to a back, covered patio as well as large bay windows with window seat perfect for relaxing. A sunroom off the family room features skylights, wall-to-wall windows, AND a gorgeous view of Lake Erie. Each of the bathrooms are beautifully updated including the master bathroom which features a large walk-in tile and glass shower with multiple spray heads. Off of the master, there is a bonus room with potential to be huge walk-in closet. On the third floor is a suite with a spacious bedroom and full bathroom. The home's basement includes three finished rooms; one has potential to be a home gym, while the second has plumbing for a potential wet bar. Off of the second room is a large game/recreation room with a wood-burning fireplace and full size windows! The exterior of the home boasts a rolling front yard with perennials and brick walkways, a 2-car masonry garage, and fenced yard. The home is less than a block to Edgewater Park and the Lakefront Bikeway with access to Gordon Square and Ohio City. Just off the Shoreway, there is easy access to downtown Cleveland, University Circle, and Tremont. 

Get to Know the Edgewater Neighborhood!

Located just west of downtown Cleveland, Edgewater is a vibrant, walkable neighborhood with ample outdoor space, restaurants, retail including the Clifton Boulevard Historic District, and beautiful tree-lined streets. The neighborhood extends from West 117th, where Lakewood begins, to the Detroit-Shoreway neighborhood to the east. With excellent beach access at the nearby Edgewater Beach and Park, Edgewater truly is lakefront living at its best. Edgewater is also a bike-friendly community with access to the Cleveland Lakefront Bikeway at Edgewater Park. The bikeway extends a total of 17 miles along the city's Lake Erie shoreline, between Euclid and Edgewater Park. 

The neighborhood is known for its grand, magnificent homes with unique architectural houses located on both Lake Avenue and Edgewater Drive as well as Harborview Drive. This elegant home is located on Edgewater Drive; just a short walking distance to a number of Cleveland favorites including the Clifton Martini & Wine Bar as well as Project: Pizza, Liquid Fresh Planet Clifton, and Earth Bistro Cafe. The home is also a short walk from the picturesque Cleveland sign located on the far west side of Edgewater park. Below is a list of all the neighborhood amenities, many of which are within walking distance. To view more photos or schedule a showing, click here to view the full listing. 


Earth Bistro Cafe

Liquid Fresh Planet Clifton

Project: Pizza

Clifton Martini & Wine Bar

Don's Lighthouse Grille

Pulp Juice & Smoothie Bar

Twist Social Club

Landmark: Smokehouse. Kitchen. Bar. 

Tick Tock Tavern

China Cafe

El Jalapenos Authentic Mexican Restaurant

Papa Nick's Pizza & Pasta

The Brother's Lounge


Lucky's Market

Coffee Shop



Flower Child


Romer Salon

Eddy's Barbershop

Urban Planting Cleveland


Edgewater Park Beach

Edgewater Park


Edgewater Cleveland Sign

Cleveland Lakefront Bikeway


Cold temperatures have arrived and the greater Cleveland area is preparing for the imminent winter weather ahead of us. The Realtors at Progressive Urban understand how hard homeowners work to take care of their homes and how important it is to prepare homes for the winter season. With that in mind, our top priority is to make sure that homeowners are making improvements to their homes that not only help to maintain or increase the value of their home, but also prevent any damage. The winter season can be an especially vulnerable time for homes in the Cleveland area. To be the most prepared you can be, we put together these 5 steps to protect your home against the winter elements: 

  1. Have your furnace serviced! As soon as the temperatures drop and the heat comes on, it is a good idea to have your furnace serviced by a professional. This will help your furnace run more efficiently and prepare you for any future costs that may be down the road. 
  2. Clean your gutters. Following the fall season, leaves and other debris are likely to have accumulated in your gutters. Cleaning out leaves and other debris will help prevent water from freezing, potentially causing any damage to your gutters. Maintaining your home and preventing damage will help your home maintain its value long-term.
  3. Insulate any doors or windows that are leaking cold air. Not only can reducing the cold air leakage into your home help to keep your house warm, it will also help improve efficiency and potentially lower costs associated with heating your home.
  4. Have your roof inspected. Another item to have serviced before the harsh cold weather, you should have your roof looked at by a professional to help prevent any further damage and prepare for any future costs. This also includes having any skylights, pipes, or chimneys inspected to ensure that insulation is sufficient and there are no cracks around the sealant that could let in water or cold air.
  5. Landscape your yard. This may not seem like an obvious step, however, maintaining and cleaning up your yard before winter can help prevent damage to your windows, roof, or gutters. Winter can sometimes bring windy storms in addition to the snow and cold weather that can cause untrimmed trees to lose branches. By inspecting any trees on your property, you can remove any dead or dangling branches that could threaten to break a window or take down your gutters.

Need a recommendation on any professional services? Ask your Realtor at Progressive Urban! Still involved in the home buying process? Ask your Realtor when viewing a home what items may need attention for winterizing so that you are better prepared for what is to come. The Realtors at Progressive Urban are more than happy to help you out.


At Progressive Urban Real Estate, our agents work with all types of homes including new construction, complete renovations, and older homes looking for some attention. For those who love older homes, it can be a challenge when searching to identify key items that indicate whether or not a home is a good investment. To make things a little simpler for our buyers, one of our century-home-loving agents, Michele Anderson, provided us with some key items to look for when buying an older home. When viewing a home, be sure to ask yourself the following questions to help determine if the condition of the home is a manageable purchase. 

  1. What is the condition of the roof? A roof should have years of useful life remaining, or the house should be priced accordingly, knowing that an expensive roof replacement is expected in the near future. With asphalt shingles, which is most commonly found, the number of layers of shingles is important. In the past, when a roof began to show signs of age or started leaking, roofers would just apply a new layer of shingles over it. If there are several layers of that material, a new roof installation will require that all of the old roof layers be removed. This is referred to as a "tear off" and will add to the cost of replacing that old roof. Your Realtor will be able to provide you with the details of the roof and when was the last time that it was replaced.
  2. Does the home have updated electrical? It is not uncommon to find electrical service panels with an inadequate number of circuits for today's modern living. With older homes knob and tube electrical is also a common occurrence. Although this electrical method is no longer used, it is still present in many older homes and can either be updated or upgraded to fit within housing requirements. Panel boxes should have adequate number, and correctly sized circuits. The circuits should be adequate for the home and each room should have several electrical outlets, with at least two in small bedrooms and GFCI protected outlets in each of the baths and kitchen. During the inspection, almost invariably, knob and tube wiring and some ungrounded outlets will be discovered. Unless the home has been completely renovated this is to be expected.

Michele's Pro Tip: Check to see if there is a Federal Pacific circuit breaker box. This particular type of breaker box was recalled due to potential fire hazard.  The boxes are usually clearly marked with the name "Federal Pacific", and are still commonly found in the basements of homes. Those old Federal Pacific circuit breaker boxes should be replaced.

  1. Does the basement have any moisture? Homes with 80+ year old basements are not going to be completely moisture free. The materials used, like clay tile, stone or brick, along with the construction methods of the day, make it likely that there will be some moisture infiltration. The basements may not be leaking, but they will probably be damp. One often sees dehumidifiers running in below grade levels of older homes. Check to see if there have been any actions taken to combat or prevent any moisture damage such as crack repairs or waterproofing.
  2. How old are the windows? Many older homes have vinyl, or aluminum clad wood replacement windows, but often the original wood windows are still in place. Original windows do not offer the same level of insulation that modern windows do. Many old house lovers want to keep the original windows because they maintain the historic look and character of the home. This is especially true if the original windows have leaded, or beveled, glass, or are otherwise decorative. As long as there is no peeling paint creating a lead hazzard, and the windows are still operable, older windows can be acceptable, and often enhance the look of the house. If you are interested in preserving the original charm of your older home, ask your Realtor about a purchase rehab loan.
  3. Do the floors show a sign of foundation issues? Nearly all homes over 80 years old have some surfaces that are likely not level. Most often, there may be floors or doorways that are not completely level, having shifted with the home over the years. Unlevel surfaces do not necessarily mean that the house has structural issues. It is best to have a professional inspector evaluate if there is just normal settling present, or if the unevenness is evidence of a more serious problem. Need recommendations for professional inspectors? Ask your Progressive Urban Realtor! 
  4. What are your expectations? If you have never lived in an older home, there may be some items to consider that come along with the charm, space, and abundant natural light and other desirable features of the old homes. If you are unsure about what type of home you would like to buy, consult with your realtor about the benefits of buying an older home versus other options such as a new construction or renovated home. For more details, visit each of the above links to learn more. 

When viewing a home, your Realtor will be able to provide details on any pieces of the home that have been updated. Have questions or need guidance with identifying what to look for when purchasing an older home? Ask your Progressive Urban Real Estate Agent! Our agents are not only experts on Cleveland neighborhoods, they are also experts in the home buying process. The Realtors at Progressive Urban are more than happy to help you out.




When beginning the home buying process, there are a number of items to consider to ensure that you find a home that is the right fit for your needs. As the next step in our 5 Steps to Home Ownership, we want to provide guidance on identifying your wants and needs in a home. We put together a few steps to help you tackle some of the bigger questions that you need to ask yourself when beginning the search for your dream home. With every want and need that you are able to identify, the easier it will be for your Progressive Urban agent to find a home that best fits your checklist. 

  1. What type of home are you looking for? Single-family? Duplex? Condo? 
  2. Where do you want to live? Is there a particular neighborhood you want to live in?
    • For guidance on neighborhoods with homes within your budget, ask your Progressive Urban Real Estate agent!
  3. Is there a particular style of home that you want? Ranch? Bungalow? Colonial?
  4. How many bedrooms do you need?
  5. How many bathrooms do you need?
  6. Do you need a yard? Is that a want or a need?
  7. Do you need a home with a basement? Or a garage? 
  8. Are you interested in a fixer-up? Or maybe a renovated home? Or maybe you are looking for a new construction house. 

Make sure most of these questions have been answered before you start your home buying process to ensure that the homes you are viewing best fit within your criteria. To go the extra mile, consider putting your wants and needs into a Home Buying Checklist. This will help your Progressive Urban agent better determine what wants and needs realistically fit within your budget. Other questions to ask yourself to help identify your wants and needs include: 

  1. What do you like and not like about where you live now? 
  2. How long do you plan on living in your new home?
  3. Are your wants and needs realistic? 
    • Not sure if your wants and needs are realistic for your budget, location, etc? Ask your Progressive Urban Real Estate agent!
  4. If a home you really like does not meet your needs, can you remodel within your budget to meet those needs?

Asking yourself all of these questions will also make it easier for you to identify absolute deal breakers and will help your agent find you the best fit. Have questions or need guidance with identifying your wants vs. needs? Ask your Realtor! Our agents are not only experts on Cleveland neighborhoods, they are also experts in the home buying process. The Realtors at Progressive Urban are more than happy to help you out.


At Progressive Urban Real Estate, we feel it is important when buying a home that several measures are taken before beginning the search. As the next step in our 5 Steps to Home Ownership, here is a list of steps to follow when getting pre-approval for purchasing a home. We also will provide you with some tips and tricks for getting the best rate and improve your chances of getting pre-approved.

  • Speak with lenders for pre-approval. Start researching lenders and reaching out for rates. Ask your Progressive Urban Realtor if they can give you lender recommendations for the type of property and area that you are looking.   
  • Compare interest rates and fees. Small differences in interest rates offered by lenders can make a significant difference in the amount that you pay over the life of the loan.  Lender fees and closing costs should also be factored into your decision. Make sure to ask if your loan will require mortgage insurance, what that will cost per month and if there is a way to avoid it.  
  • Look for lenders with special programs. First Time Home-buyer loans, zero percent down payment loans, lender contributions toward closing costs or local programs such as the Greater Circle Living; an employer assisted housing program created to encourage eligible employees of University Circle institutions to live near work which give grants for employees who purchase, rent, or repair homes in the target area.
  • Get your documents together. Lenders will check your income, assets, debts and credit history to see whether you should be preapproved for a mortgage. Here is what you need for preapproval:
    • W-2 forms from your employer for the previous two years
    • Current pay stubs
    • Federal income tax returns for the previous two years
    • Bank statements for the previous two months
    • Identification, such as a driver's license

Progressive Urban's Professional Tips and Tricks

Just because you receive a pre-approval from one lender does not mean that you need to use that lender for your loan.  If you find a program that better fits your needs then switching to another lender may be the best route to take.

How to improve your chances of getting preapproved:

  • Fix errors on your credit report
  • Pay down debt
  • Pad your savings account

Have questions or need guidance with choosing your mortgage lender? Ask your Realtor! The Realtors at Progressive Urban are more than happy to help you.


At Progressive Urban Real Estate, we feel it is important when buying a home that several measures are taken before beginning the search. As the next step in our 5 Steps to Home Ownership, we put together a list of items to consider when preparing your finances for purchasing a home. 

  • How much can you afford each month? This number includes - your monthly mortgage payment, taxes, home insurance, utilities etc. - to name a few. Progressive Urban's expert agents also recommend taking a look at all potential expenses to get a really good idea of the monthly amount you are able to afford.
  • How much money are you willing or able to use for a down payment? Depending on the loan buyers need to have 3½% to 20% of the home purchase price for the down payment. There are also closing costs associated with buying a home that can be up to 6% of the purchase price.  Ask your Progressive Urban agent about special loan programs that have a 0% down payment or that give you money towards your closing costs.  
  • Have you recently made any big changes financially? Any changes, like switching jobs or taking out a car loan, can negatively affect you when looking for a home loan.  
  • How is your credit? Knowing your credit is an important step in the home buying process. Better credit can lead to better rates and better terms for your loan. If your score is lower you still may be able to qualify for an FHA, federally insured loan, but if your credit is bad you will need to improve it before you are ready to buy a home!  
  • Are you buying a fixer upper? This type of home is likely to require additional funds for immediate repairs that goes beyond the initial down payment, closing costs, and monthly mortgage payments. A lender will want to see that you are able to complete the repairs and will most likely require a purchase/rehab loan in which the purchase and repairs are combined into the loan.

Ask your Progressive Urban agent if there are any special incentives in the area you are considering.  These incentives might include the following:

  • Tax abatement
    • Not sure what tax abatement is? With tax abatement improvements to a property will not be taxed for a certain number of years.
  • Reduced rate financing
  • Help for closing costs
  • Reduced down payment requirements

Most importantly when organizing your finances before beginning your home search? Consult your Progressive Urban Real Estate agent! Our agents are experts in their field and extremely knowledgeable about the home buying process.  The end goal is to help you find the best home fit for your needs at a price that fits your lifestyle.


Following last week's 5 Steps to Home Ownership with expertise from Progressive Urban real estate agent, Sara Olson, we wanted to take a deeper look at each of the core steps to buying a home in the city of Cleveland and the first suburbs. When buying a home, sometimes the hardest decision can be who you trust to help you along the way. 

At Progressive Urban Real Estate, we believe in making that decision easy for you with your Progressive Urban agent helping guide you through the market. Our agent's expertise will help to ensure you are getting the right home, at the right price all while paying attention to details of the purchasing process. We understand that purchasing a home is more than a roof with walls, its an investment into your future. We are confident that your realtor will be able to make the entire home shopping process as easy as possible. Here are a few reasons to work with a Progressive Urban Real Estate agent. 

We are the experts! Founded in 1986, Progressive Urban has over 30 years of experience marketing properties in the City of Cleveland and the First Suburbs. The agents at PURE have been working in this market longer than any other agency and truly understand what makes Cleveland's real estate market valuable.

We live where we sell. Our company headquarters is located in Cleveland's Detroit-Shoreway neighborhood and many of the skilled realtors at Progressive Urban live within the city of Cleveland and the first suburbs. We believe in the value of the communities that we work in and what those communities have to offer.

We believe in the Urban Lifestyle! Progressive Urban Real Estate has assisted thousands of buyers and sellers to purchase and market homes. Our efforts have contributed to the growth and redevelopment of the central city and the First Suburbs. We are strong advocates of urban revitalization and we understand your desire for neighborhood living.

Progressive Urban Real Estate is a full-service, entrepreneurial real estate company committed to providing quality service to our clients, and helping to improve the quality of life in the City of Cleveland and the First Suburbs. When the time comes for you to either buy or sell a home, trust the agents at Progressive Urban to assist you in your process. Visit our website to get to know the agents of Progressive Urban Real Estate!


To make the pre-home buying process simpler, we asked one of our Progressive Urban Real Estate experts, Sara Olson, to share some steps to owning a home. She provided us with her 5 expert steps to becoming a homeowner:

  1. Hire a realtor! Your Progressive Urban realtor will help guide you through the market by using their expertise to ensure you are getting the right home, at the right price all while paying attention to details of the purchasing process. The realtors at Progressive Urban understand that purchasing a home is more than a roof with walls, its an investment into your future. We are confident that your realtor will be able to make the entire home shopping process as easy as possible. Visit our website to get to know the agents of Progressive Urban Real Estate!
  2. Get those fun finances in order. Save, save, save! Buying a home comes with a lot of expenses in addition to the down payment including the home inspection fee or any immediate house repairs once you do find the perfect home. The more financially prepared you are, the better. And do not forget to check your credit! This will come in handy when searching for a mortgage lender.
  3. Speak with lenders for pre-approval. Compare interest rates and look for special programs such as First Time Home-buyer loans or local programs such as the Greater Circle Living; an employer assisted housing program created to encourage eligible employees of Greater University Circle institutions to live near work which helps employees purchase, rent, or repair homes in Greater University Circle. Have questions or need guidance with choosing your mortgage lender? Ask your realtor! The realtors at Progressive Urban are more than happy to help you. 
  4. Identify your needs vs. wants in a home. How many bedrooms do you need? What size yard is ideal for you? Is a basement or garage important to you? Make sure most of these questions have been answered before you start your home buying process to ensure that the homes you are viewing best fit within your criteria.
  5. Pound the pavement! Contact your realtor at Progressive Urban Real Estate to set up daily home listing emails and to schedule some viewings to begin the process of finding your dream home. 

Follow these simple steps before starting the home buying process to help your search run smoothly. In need of a real estate agent? Visit our website to connect with an agent today.


Looking to make the move to the Cleveland area? We put together a few reasons why buying in Cleveland is an excellent investment opportunity to help buyers solidify their decision to move here. Or maybe you aren't sure where you want to move but know that you'd like to live somewhere with an amazing food scene, affordable housing, and tons of outdoor activities all year round. Here is a list of just a few of our favorite reasons here at Progressive Urban as to why we think that the Cleveland area is one of the best places to buy a home. 

Affordability - It really does not get much simpler than this. To provide some basic numeric information on home prices in the Cleveland area versus home prices across the country, here are some numbers to showcase Cleveland's affordability in even the most popular of neighborhoods. According to Zillow, the median home listing price for all of the United States is nearly 2.5x greater than the media home listing price in the greater Cleveland area in addition to 1.5x greater than downtown Cleveland, 1.13x greater than the city of Lakewood, and about 1.5x greater than the Edgewater neighborhood.  

Lots to do! The Cleveland area is a popular location for events and festivals including the seasonal annual concert series' at both Euclid Beach Park and Edgewater Beach in addition to the annual Garlic Festival, Waterloo Arts Fest, Cleveland National Air Show, Cleveland Feast of the Assumption, and the annual Cleveland St. Patrick's day parade. Other events include Cleveland Scene's annual Ale Fest, Taste of Summer, Burning River Festival, Ingenuity Fest, Brite Winterfest, the Bourbon & Bacon Festival, and a variety of outdoor concerts all over the city. In addition to an abundance of annual events, Cleveland's parks and recreation spaces provide fun outdoor activities such as kayaking, swimming, sand-volleyball, boating, sailing, and paddleboarding.  and add boating and sailing

Lakefront access - In recent years, the city of Cleveland has done a ton of work on the lakefront access points to make the water more accessible and enjoyable. These projects include a new pier at Euclid Beach Park in Cleveland's North Collinwood neighborhood, the E. 9th Pier, and Edgewater Beach and Park's Beach House; an enhanced beach-vibe featuring made-to-order beachside fare and treats and a seasonal outdoor bar with the best view in town.

Parks, parks, parks! In addition to lakefront parks and beaches within the city of Cleveland, the Cleveland Metroparks owns and maintains 18 reservations spanning more than 23,000 acres with more than 300 miles of trails, eight golf courses, eight lakefront parks and a nationally-acclaimed zoo in Cuyahoga County and Hinckley Township. Many of the parks are within the Cleveland area including the Cleveland Cultural Gardens, the Towpath; which runs south all the way to the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, and Wendy Park.

Amazing food - Cleveland has an incredible food scene with tons of great restaurants, bakeries, cafes, food trucks, and more. With neighborhood developments continuously on the rise, Cleveland's food offerings are only growing. The city is a hot spot for an assortment of cultures providing locals with a wide variety of food offerings to fit almost everyone's needs. Additionally, the city is well known for its breweries which are scattered all over the city. Brewery tours are an excellent activity for those beer lovers that want the opportunity to visit a number of local spots.

Arts & Culture - The city is a hub for arts and culture with arts districts including the St. Clair-Superior neighborhood, the Gordon Square Arts District, and the Waterloo Arts District. In addition to the neighborhood arts districts, the University Circle is a center for arts and culture. The area is home to nationally recognized museums including the Cleveland Museum of Art and the Museum of Art Cleveland as well as the Natural History Museum and the Cleveland Botanical Garden.


Fall is a cozy time of year here in Cleveland with our abundance of locally owned coffee shops, thriving breweries, and picture-worthy patios. When selling your home, you want potential buyers to feel that same type of coziness that drew them to this city. Potential buyers want to be able to picture themselves in a space and what better time to do that than during the autumn months. To prepare your home for the upcoming fall housing market, we put together a few tips for ensuring that your home is in top form and ready for selling.  

  1. Clean up the exterior of your home. Cleveland is sprawling with greenery and this time of year, our yards and streets are being covered by falling leaves. Rake those leaves! Clean up any fallen branches. Mow your lawn (hopefully) one last time for a while. Remove any seasonal plants that may have reached its prime with the end of summer. And clean out those gutters! A clean yard is more appealing to potential buyers and makes your home more desirable.
  2. Step up your landscape! With an increase of bare trees and muted colors, make sure your landscaping is in tip-top shape. Replace summer flowers with flowers and plants that grow during autumn. Attract potential buyers with gorgeous landscaping perfect for fall. 
  3. Have your furnace/HVAC serviced. Before turning on your furnace or HVAC, make sure the system is fully cleaned and serviced to avoid any mechanical issues or unwanted smells when showing your home. Even better, this can also help things run more smoothly during the selling process!
  4. Clean your windows. This past spring and summer in Cleveland have been rainy which can cause windows to appear dirty and prevent natural light from entering the home. Be sure to clean all windows to improve appearance, reduce any spots, and let in as much light as possible when showing your home.  
  5. Clean your fireplace. Especially before using! This one is mainly for safety but also helps prevent any damage to the fireplace and even your roof. Similar to your furnace, having your fireplace serviced prior to listing your home can help the selling process easier. 
  6. Add extra lighting. Fall means cooler temps, warm drinks, AND shorter days. With less natural light, make sure to keep your rooms bright by adding extra lighting, whether that be plug-in lamps, hanging fixtures, or candles. It is important that buyers can actually see the home that they are viewing!
  7. Decorate with warm colors and subtle fall accents. When potential buyers visit your home, they want to be able to picture themselves living there so be sure to keep decorations minimal to avoid clutter. Try adding a decorative wreath to your door and some festive items to your mantel or table centerpiece. Simple items will make your home for sale more inviting and cozy.

Clark–Fulton is a neighborhood on the West Side of Cleveland, Ohio located just southwest of downtown. It is bounded roughly by Train Avenue to the north, Scranton Road to the east, Daisy Avenue and I-71 to the south, and W.48th Street on the west. 

Originally settled by Europeans in the late 1800s, the Clark-Fulton area was originally inhabited by European immigrants due to an abundance of jobs at the numerous local breweries and the neighboring stockyards. The area's diverse population contributes to the vibrant mix of community events, ethnic restaurants, and historic churches. Clark Fulton is home to La Villa Hispana, located near the intersection of Clark Ave. and West 25thStreet, and the popular La Placita summer events.

With its proximity to I-71, I-90, SR 176, and I-490, the Clark-Fulton neighborhood is just a short drive to downtown, University Circle, Cleveland's east side and west side suburbs. The neighborhood is also a short bike ride to the Cleveland Metropark Zoo located in Old Brooklyn and has easy access to public transit, Steelyard Commons, the West Side Market, and the MetroHealth campus. 


Bruno's Ristorante

Johnny's Bar on Fulton

Joe De's Pizzeria

Big Bites


7 Cravings

Diane Baker's Diner

Fabio's Pizza Cleveland

Las Villas Deli & Pastries

Las Dos Fronteras

Sabor Catracho Jireh

Hong Kong Kitchen

Cafe Social Latinoamericano

Tony's Delicatessen

Dunlap's Country Corner

Mana Bakery

Benny's Sports Bar

Lara's Cakes


El Taino

Caribe Bake Shop

Mazzone & Sons Bakery


Hildebrandt Provisions Company

The Hildebrandt Provisions Company is a repurposed meat packaging plant originally started to support a variety of artists and entrepreneurs. With their industrial design and 160,000 square feet, they have space ranging from small lofts to large open floor plans. The company host small events in their historic flat and open their doors several times a year to allow the community to tour spaces. Their artist residents include a wide variety of disciplines ranging from ceramics, artistic glass, woodworking, painting and many more. They are also home to the Hildebrandt Artist Collective; a group of people engaged in creative work.


Trent Park

Roberto Clemente Park

Fenwick Park


51st Annual Puerto Rican Parade & Festival | Sunday, August 4, 2019 from 11a to 10p

2019 St. Rocco's Festival | Thursday, August 29, 2019 from 5p to 10p


Welcome to Cleveland's newest development located in Midtown's Health-Tech Corridor! Townhome units feature beautifully designed 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath with tons of natural light, an open floor plan, and a large kitchen with island and tons of cabinetry. The living area features a fireplace and large exterior balcony with sliding glass doors. There are three bedrooms on the third floor with two full baths and a rooftop deck with breathtaking panoramic views of the City! The interior is finely crafted featuring luxurious high-end standards and finishes including an open-concept spacious floor plan, a bonus room that could be used as an office/den or could be converted into an additional bedroom, hand-scraped engineered wood flooring, modern kitchen cabinets, quartz countertops, and stainless steel appliance package. 

Each unit also features high-efficiency furnace and air conditioning, modern hardware and fixtures, smarthome technology, standard home security and Pre-wired AV home audio system, an attached two-car garage, and a rooftop balcony terrace with panoramic views. As an additional bonus, the townhomes feature 15-Year 100% Tax Abatement—and can qualify up to $30,000 Greater Circle Living Grant (GCL). Each townhome is only minutes to Downtown Cleveland, Playhouse Square, University Circle, St. Clair-Superior, and Little Italy with easy access to I-90. Take the Healthline by bus or bike path to downtown. 

The surrounding neighborhood is part of the up-and-coming Midtown neighborhood along the Euclid Health Line bus system. Located in between downtown Cleveland and the University Circle area, the Midtown community has been experiencing a great deal of growth and development in recent years. With access to University Circle's medical campuses and downtown Cleveland's corporate offices, the Midtown area is a perfect location for professionals looking to live the city lifestyle. Due to the areas central location, residents have access to not only downtown Cleveland and University Circle, but direct access to the E. 55th pier and the rest of Cleveland's lakefront parks to the north. Additionally, residents have easy access to the city's outdoor amenities including the 87-Mile Towpath Trail which runs through the heart of the Ohio & Erie Canalway. The path starts in the Cleveland Flats and runs south all the way to New Philadelphia. 


Dave's Market & Eatery

Gust Gallucci's Italian Foods & Market

Souper Market

Rumi's Market

Cleveland Bagel


Cafe Phix Midtown

Vintage Tea and Coffee

Fluffy Duck Cafe


Agora Theater & Ballroom

Dunham Tavern Museum

Midtown Learning Farm

In recent years, food trucks have taken over trendy neighborhoods all over the country, offering a plethora of unique and interesting gourmet bites served on wheels for all different types of tastes. Hosted by the MidTown Cleveland community development organization, the Chomp event is hosted every Tuesday with a number of local food trucks rotated weekly. 

MidTown Cleveland is the sole organization charged with leveraging MidTown's diverse assets to develop a dynamic neighborhood that unites the city's downtown and innovation districts. MidTown Cleveland provides services to MidTown's members, stakeholders, businesses and organizations, residents, and visitors in order to create a connected and complete community. They facilitate conversations, make connections, address safety concerns, and can help community members achieve their goals. 

Other neighborhood events include Recess at Midtown hosted by Recess Cleveland; an organization that uses sports, activities, games, arts & crafts, and music to help families exercise, relieve stress and connect with the community. The event is free and open to everyone.


Neighbor Up Midtown 2019 | Thursday, September 5th from 6 to 8p

MidTown's 2019 Annual Meeting | Thursday, September 12th from 11:30am to 1pm

The Chomp | Every Wednesday from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm

Leo's Listening Party: Community Concert Series | Monthly Event (dates vary) from 6 to 9p


Also known as the Archwood-Denison neighborhood, Brooklyn Centre is located about ten minutes from downtown, accessible from Interstate 71 at the West 25th Street Exit. A historic district in the Ohio and Erie Canal National Heritage Corridor, the neighborhood is roughly bounded by 1-71, Pearl Rd. and Big Creek Valley, in Cleveland. The Upper Flats creates the eastern edge of the district while Daisy Avenue, Sackett Avenue and I-71 defines the northern edge. Big Creek Valley and Brookside Park provide the western border. The historic homes and landmarks of Brooklyn Centre are nestled along the edge of Lower Big Creek Valley, close to the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo and Brookside Reservation. The neighborhood is anchored by MetroHealth Medical Center, one of the area's leading trauma centers. 

Established in the early 1800s, the neighborhood acted as a small trading post within the area once known as the township of Brooklyn. One of the older residential communities in Cleveland, Brooklyn Centre features a variety of architectural styles including Greek Revival, Italianate, Queen Anne, Colonial Revival and Bungalow. Located just south of the Medina Freeway (also known as I-71), Archwood Avenue is a particularly good example of the type of broad streets found in this district that have large houses with spacious lots.


Cedarland Restaurant


China Town

Cleats Club Seat Grille

Happy's Pizza

Quisqueya Latin Cuisine

Steve's Doghouse

Gino's Cento Anno

The Sand Bar Sports Bar and Grill

Lovellee's Pizzeria

One of the neighborhood's hidden gems is Art House.  The organization was founded in 1999 by local artists and residents dedicated to the belief that the arts enrich lives and help create better communities. Our 3,000 square foot studio facility is housed in a 1948 domed Quonset building. Their mission is to make art accessible to Brooklyn Centre and the Greater Cleveland community by providing instruction, encouragement, and facilities. They provide high quality visual and creative arts classes for people of all ages and skill levels. The organization strives to enrich the lives of those who live in the Brooklyn Centre community, to encourage and strengthen the careers of local artists and to promote learning through the arts.


Riverside Cemetery

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

Art House, Inc.

Brookside Park

Steelyard Commons

Located in the southwest corner of the neighborhood, Brookside Park was the site of many games of the Cleveland Amateur Baseball Association. The Association was formed to organize local amateur players in 1910 at a time when the professional Cleveland "Naps" were not doing so well. The stadium drew 6,000 to 8,000 fans regularly and up to 100,000 for special events. The stadium was natural in that the fans would sit on the hillside to watch the games. The stadium can still be seen today at the foot of Fulton Road hill, at the corner of Fulton Road and Denison Avenue.

In January 2007, the Steelyard Commons opened as the first shopping center to be built within the city of Cleveland in several decades. The site, which once housed the LTV Steel finishing mill, combines retail, restaurants, and recreation facilities. The design pays homage to the site's industrial background and makes use of reclaimed steel framing as well as a variety of salvaged artifacts. The shopping center is located 


Archwood Street Fair | Annually; first weekend of June and September



Old Brooklyn was organized in 1818 with roots in the original Brooklyn Township. Annexation to the City of Cleveland occurred in stages, beginning in 1905 and continuing through 1927. Greenhouse gardening began on Schaaf Road in 1887 and in the mid 20th-century gave the area the title of "Greenhouse Capital of the United States".

Recently, the Old Brooklyn neighborhood has been a popular location for redevelopment and revitalization. Established in 1975, the mission of Old Brooklyn Community Development Corporation is to develop and revitalize the community by uniting and empowering residents, business leaders, and government around plans and initiatives and achieve social, economic & civic improvements. The organization was created to serve neighborhood locals, provide local news, and educated community members on how to get involved. 

Located just a few miles from downtown Cleveland, the Old Brooklyn neighborhood is a vibrant community just south of the city. The Old Brooklyn neighborhood features popular clothing stores, brunch spots, restaurants, coffee shops, and low-key neighborhood bars. Old Brooklyn is Cleveland's accessible, family-friendly neighborhood where business and people come to grow. 


El Rinconcito Chapin

Lucy Ethiopian Restaurant & Bar

Dina's Pizza & Pub

Pearl Road Tavern & Eatery

Nunzio's Pizzeria

Carmino's Pizza

Mandy's Lounge

Danny Mac's Irish Pub

Mr. Peabody's Pub & Grille

Larry's Tavern

Sabor Miami Cafe and Gallery

Old Brooklyn Cheese

Gyro Guys Sandwiches & More

Opal on Pearl

Gabe's Family Restaurant

Gus's Family Restaurant

Steve's Family Restaurant

Michael's Bakery

Vino Veritas Cellars Cleveland

Coffee Shop

Metropolitan Coffee



Lilly Chocolates and Confections

Jack Frost Donuts

Honey Hut Ice Cream

Old Brooklyn is also home to the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. Connected to the zoo is the Brookside Reservation with nature trails through wild and open parkland.  The Reservation was one of the City of Cleveland's oldest neighborhood parks before its acquisition by Cleveland Metroparks in 1993. The land was purchased in 1894 and has been a center for recreation since the early 1900s. Still a recreation hub, the area now boasts baseball and soccer/football fields. The 132-acre reservation serves as a refuge for diverse wildlife in an urban setting. It is also an attractive spot for area picnickers and a resting site for walkers, cyclists and others who use the All Purpose Trail. The reservation also features mitigated wetlands, mature forests, and managed meadows, which provide diverse habitats for urban wildlife viewing. 


Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

Brookside Reservation

Archmere Park

Loew Park

Estabrook Park

Henritze Park

Brooklyn Heights Cemetery

Harmody Park


2019 Old Brooklyn Farmers Market | Saturday mornings during the summer from 9a to 1p

Cleveland Summer Cinema 2019 | Tuesday Nights during the summer at 7p in Loew Park

Old Brooklyn PierogiFest | August 10th, 2019 from 3:00p to 10:00p

Smorgasbord Street Fest 2019 | July 28, 2019 from 5:00p to 9:30p


A true hidden gem of Cleveland, the historic St. Clair-Superior neighborhood is located just east of downtown. Minutes from both Lake Erie, the neighborhood has convenient access to both I-90 and Route 2. The community was established in the 1860s and has seen expansive changes over the years since. With downtown Cleveland bordering the neighborhood to the west, Lake Erie to the north, and Chester Avenue to the south (Superior to the south, east of East 55th Street), the area stretches to Rockefeller Park. 

Popular for its indoor shopping area carved out of old factories, the neighborhood features a number of shopping plazas including the Asia Plaza located on E. 30th Street and Payne Avenue as well as Asia Town Center on E. 38th Street. The plaza is home to a number of unique stores and restaurants as well as the Park to Shop grocery store. Galleries and live-work lofts coexist on tree-lined streets with modest homes and quaint urban gardens. A majority of the residential communities run north-to-south between the main roads of St. Clair, Superior Avenue, Payne Avenue, and Chester Avenue. The main roads running east-to-west are primarily home to converted warehouses and the neighborhoods dozens of incredible restaurants.  

With over 30 restaurants, cafes, and shops, the St. Clair-Superior neighborhood is a vibrant community bursting with culture, diversity, and a staunch support for small businesses. Well known for its various asian cuisines, the neighborhood is home to a wide variety of foods including Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Taiwanese, Korean, Japanese, Croatian, Ethiopian, and Soul Food. 


#1 Pho

Superior Pho

LJ Shanghai

Li Wah Family Restaurant

Szechuan Cafe

Emperor's Palace

Siam Cafe

Bo Loong

Han Kabob & Grill

Szechuan Gourmet

Wonton Gourmet

Map of Thailand

Phusion Cafe

Ha Ahn

Korea House

Miega Korean

Rising Grill

Dagu Rice Noodle

Angie's Soul Cafe

Crust Midtown


Fifth Wheel

Landmark Restaurant

Marie's Restaurant

Shay's Restaurant

Golden House Restaurant

Annie B. & Earl's Place

Jack Spratt's Pizza

Rapid Stop

Slyman's Restaurant

Ball Ball Waffle

Diner on 55th

Marjees Bar and Grill

Byte Cafe

Empress Taytu Ethiopian Restaurant

Superior Restaurant

Angela's Family Restaurant


Galaxy Karaoke

The Madison

Grocery Stores

Park to Shop

Kim's Oriental Food

Asia Food Company

Good Harvest

Sheliga Drug


Koko Bakery & Cafe


Apple Cart




Slovenian Museum + Archives

Loftworks Gallery

Negative Space Cleveland

The neighborhood is a frequent location for a number of festivals and events. One of the more popular is the Cleveland Flea; a local organization created to support local and small business vendors. The event was started in the St. Clair-Superior neighborhood in Tyler Village; a warehouse park located on Superior Avenue. In addition to the Cleveland Flea, the neighborhood hosts the yearly Cleveland Asian Festival during the month of May. The Cleveland Asian Festival is a grassroots festival that highlight Cleveland's AsiaTown, diversity, and Asian culture in northeast Ohio. Other events include the Night Market on the last Friday of every month during the summer and the annual Asiatown food tour held in the St. Clair-Superior neighborhood that visits a number of the community's best restaurants, cafes, and grocery stores. 

Another popular cultural festivals is the annual Cleveland Kurentovanje festival. The event is held at the end of February through the beginning of March and is a multi-day "Slovenian Mardi Gras" festival, celebrating the end of winter and the beginning of spring. Founded in 2013 and volunteer-organized, Cleveland Kurentovanje is filled with cultural and festive events, and culminates in a day-long Parade & Festival celebration on Saturday complete with costumes, a parade, ethnic food and drink, musical and cultural performances, and Kurents — mythical creatures who are believed to chase away winter and usher in spring.


2019 Cleveland Kurentovanje | Monday, February 25th - Saturday, March 2nd

The Cleveland Flea | Saturday/Sunday, May 4th-5th, 2019, July 13th-14th, 2019, September 21st-22nd, 2019

Cleveland Asian Festival | Saturday/Sunday, May 18th-19th, 2019

Night Market Cleveland | Friday, June 21st, July 26th, August 30th, June 27th

Asiatown Food Tour | Wednesday, July 10th, 2019

IngenuityFest 2019 | Friday, September 27th - Sunday, September 29th


Founded in 1870 as the Village of Glenville, the neighborhood was annexed to the city of Cleveland in 1905 and is known for its lush greenery, parks, and lake access. Glenville is located just a short distance from downtown Cleveland and is bordered by MLK Jr. Drive to the west, Lake Erie to the north, Lakeview Road to the east, and Wade Park Avenue to the south. The historic, tree-lined East Boulevard runs along MLK Jr. drive with dozens of ornately designed homes featuring grand porches, leaded glass windows, brick chimneys, and park views. Famously known as the birthplace of Superman in 1932, the popular comic book character was created out of the home of Jerry Siegel who grew up in a house still present on Kimberly Avenue. 

Glenville's Gordon Park opened in 1893 and originally sat on a total of 122 acres of land adjacent Lake Erie on the city's East Side. It is named in honor of philanthropist and industrialist William J. Gordon, who originally owned and developed the land as part of his estate. In 1978 the section of the park adjacent to the lakeshore was incorporated, along with five other individual recreational areas along the lake, into the larger state-funded district known as Cleveland Lakefront State Park. Most recently, Gordon Park became part of the Cleveland Metroparks system; which includes 18 reservations and more than 23,000 acres of park space.  

The Rockefeller Greenhouse was completed in 1905 and was originally intended to be used to grow the plants used to landscape city parks and gardens. Since its development, the Greenhouse and grounds have evolved into a first-rate botanical facility containing specialty plant collections, seasonal floral displays, and theme gardens. The greenhouse was built on a portion of the 270 acres donated to the City by John D. Rockefeller soon to be called Rockefeller and Gordon Parks. The Cleveland Cultural Gardens were built on the remaining acres; lining MLK Jr. Boulevard and East Boulevard with gardens designed to commemorate different ethnic groups whose immigrants have contributed to the heritage of the United States over the centuries, as well as Cleveland


Rockefeller Park Greenhouse

Cleveland Cultural Gardens

Gordon Park 

Cleveland Lakefront Nature Preserve


B&M Bar-B-Q & Catering

China House II

Flame Urban Chicken Grill

Capo Steaks

Superior Pizza

Big Daddy's Too

Baby D's Fish & Chicken

Aunt Oddies Pies

Pipe'n Hot Grill

Hot Sauce Legacy BBQ

Fatboys Donuts & Catering

Coffee Shop

The Perfect Blend Coffee House

Recently, the neighborhood of Glenville welcomed the New East Side Market located at the corner of St Clair and E. 105th. The market is a neighborhood indoor fresh market venue and facility.  It is anchored by a full-service grocery store offering healthy and fresh, organic, locally grown produce, fresh meats, fish, prepared meals, and other specialty food and beverage items. In addition to the new market, the Gateway 105 Farmers Market is held every Friday during the warmer months. The market is Glenville's own Farmer and Maker's Market with fresh and local produce, local artisan crafts, and live music! Each Friday there are different activities for visitors to enjoy including a monthly market dedicated to sustainability. 


Gateway 105 Farmers Market

The New East Side Market


Located just a short drive south of the city of Lakewood, the West Park neighborhood lies within the city of Cleveland between I-90 and I-480 with I-71 running through the middle. A short drive from downtown, the neighborhood is accessible via highway to other neighborhoods to the east including Ohio City, Tremont, Larchmere, North Collinwood, and University Circle. West Park is also a short 10 minute drive from the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. 

The neighborhood contains four main subneighborhoods: Jefferson, Kamm's Corners, Puritas-Longmead, and Riverside. Once known as Rockport Township, the area became known as West Park in 1921 when it officially became its own municipality for about 9 years. The neighborhood's name was derived from a wooded park with a lake that early settler John West operated on his property at Lorain Avenue roughly between West 138th and 140th Streets. It was once referred to as "West's Park" but has since evolved into "West Park". Since being annexed to the city of Cleveland in 1923, the area remained known as the West Park neighborhood. 

With access to the Rocky River Reservation directly to the west of Kamm's Corner, the neighborhood of West Park has easy access to a number of outdoor activities including hiking, fishing, golfing, horseback riding and boating. The reservation is a part of the Cleveland Metroparks Emerald Necklace stretching along the Rocky River Valley from Lake Erie down south to Strongsville. In addition to the Cleveland Metroparks, the West Park neighborhood is home to more than half a dozen community parks. With lake access to the north, residents are about 10 minutes away from Lakewood Park and about 15 minutes from Edgewater Park Beach. 

Neighborhood Parks

Davinwood Park

Drakefield Park

Gunning Park

Impett Park

Maplewood Park

Munn Park

Rainbow Park

Tuland Park

The neighborhood's main shopping district known as Kamm's Corner features a wide variety of restaurants, shops, bars, and more. The district is popular for it's bar and restaurant scene as well as its frequent festivals and markets. The West Park neighborhood, including the Kamm's Corner shopping district, is a strong and vibrant Cleveland community.

Coffee Shops/Bakeries/Cafes

5 Points Coffee & Tea

Peace, Love and Little Donuts of Westpark

Westpark Bakery

Kamm's Corners Ice Cream Co


The Public House

PJ McIntyres

West Park Station

Back Stage Bar

Smedley's Bar and Grill

Hatfield's Goode Grub


A bar

Irish 32

Rubin's Family Restaurant

Red Lantern Kitchen and Bar

Working Class Brewery

Gene's Place to Dine

The Third Place

VIP Lounge

The Cone Zone

Casey Jones Tavern


Amp 150

Gyro World

The Souper Market

Si Senor Mexican Restaurant

Thai Elephant

Dragon Towers Chinese Restaurant

Oriental Palace Buffet

Dante's Pizza

Brothers Pizza Company

Gionino's Pizza

Geppetto's Pizza & Ribs

Athens Pizzeria

Romeo's Pizza

Seven Seas Seafood

Charlie's Beverage

K&K Portage Meats

West Park Nutrition

Warren Village Beverage


Smith Architects

Alber & Rice Engineers

Reitz Engineering

C&S Companies


Carol & John's Comic Book Shop

Only in Clev Clothing

Starship Earth

The Indoor Gardener Store

Gino's Shoe Repair

Barber & Beauty

West Park Barber Shop

West Park Beauty Shop

West Park Barber Premier Lounge

Kamm's Barber Shop

Solstice Salon

Diamond Beauty Salon


Gunning Recreation Center

West Park YMCA

One of the more popular events is the annual festival known as the Hooley on Kamm's Corner. The Hooley™ is West Park's annual day-long block party on Lorain Avenue from West 165th to Rocky River Drive, kicking off Cleveland's robust community festival season with live music and entertainment on two stages, festival food, booths, and plenty of family fun. Kamm's Corner also hosts a weekly farmers market every Sunday between June and October. 


Kamm's Corner Farmers Market | Sundays, June 9th to October 13th

The Hooley on Kamm's Corner | Saturday, June 15th from 12:00p to 8:00p

St. Mary Romanian Festival | Friday, August 16th to Sunday, August 18th

West Park Holiday Cheer | Thursday, December 5th


Shaker Square is a historic neighborhood within city limits located just southeast of downtown Cleveland. The neighborhood is complete with restaurants, shops, entertainment, and more including the decoratively ornate Atlas Cinemas theater. One of the first of its kind, the square was designed as a suburban shopping center to appeal to the upper-class clientele of Shaker Heights and housed a great variety of businesses over the years, from realtors and restaurants to specialty clothing stores and professional offices. 

Initially designed as a gateway to the Shaker Heights suburb, the square's design was inspired by 18th-century European royal squares with American Colonial-Georgian details to conform with the vision of Shaker Heights. The surrounding residential parts of the Shaker Square neighborhood primarily feature English, French, or Colonial style homes and apartment buildings. Immediately surrounding the square, a majority of the residences are apartment buildings designed in the aforementioned styles on tree-lined streets in walking distance to the square. 

More recently, the square has evolved into a popular location for small business entrepreneurs. The proximity of the neighborhood to downtown via the RTA transit Shaker Square station and other neighboring communities - including Cleveland Heights, the new Van Aken district, and Larchmere - makes the location ideal for businesses and residents looking for urban living paired with neighborhood charm. The transit line runs directly through the center of the square connecting residents and visitors to the new Van Aken district to the southeast and Tower City in downtown Cleveland to the northwest. The Tower City transit stop provides riders with access to other neighborhoods within the greater Cleveland area. 


Dave's Supermarket

Fashions by Fowler

Pet Wants

CVS Pharmacy

Captain Tony's


Balaton Restaurant

EDWINS Restaurant & Leadership Institute

Fire Food & Drink

Juice Up 

Sasa Asian Bistro

Señor Tequila

Yours Truly Restaurant

Zanzibar Soul Fusion

Michael's Diner at Shaker Square



Cosmic Bobbins

Alexander's Floral Designs

Flawless Barber Academy/H2 Healthy Hair

Hair & Nails Spa Studio

Shaker Square Animal Hospital

Coffee Shops/Cafes

Dewey's Coffee House

A popular location for festivals, Shaker Square is home to a number of events including the weekly seasonal North Union Farmers Market which occurs every Saturday. The market is part of a city wide series bringing locally-grown or made products to urban communities for purchase directly from the vendor. The market is held outdoors in the middle of the square from April until December. Another popular event hosted by the North Union Farmers Market organization is the Cleveland Garlic Festival is a two-day yearly event featuring live music, entertainment, vendors, and all things garlic-related. 


North Union Farmers Markets (seasonal) - every Saturday from 8:00a to 12:00p

Free Summer Concert Series - June 22nd to August 3rd from 6:00p to 9:00p

Cleveland Garlic Festival - August 24th from 12:00p to 8:00p

Greater Cleveland Urban Film Festival - September 12th from 10:00a to 11:00p

Holiday Market - December 1st from 9:00a to 1:00p


Once a hotspot for industrialization, the Flats East Bank has transformed into one of Cleveland's trendiest districts with easy access to Lake Erie and riverfront views. With ample entertainment and nightlife as well as a luxury apartment building and an upscale hotel, the Flats East Bank is the epitome of live, work, play. 

Just a short distance from Cleveland's city center, the Flats East Bank is a popular destination for events and festivals, including the annual Tequila Fest Cleveland and Cleveland Scene's Taste of Summer event. During the summer months, the Flats East Bank also hosts Flat Out Fridays on the second Friday of every month. The Summer Concert Series event brings a variety of sweet treats, food vendors, beverages, and other outdoor entertainment.

The East Bank also features an extensive riverfront boardwalk with gorgeous views of both the Cuyahoga river and downtown Cleveland. Only a short walk from the Cleveland Browns' stadium as well as the popular bar and restaurant Warehouse district, East Bank residents are able to enjoy the walkability of downtown Cleveland and all it has to offer. The neighborhood also features an RTA transit stop providing residents with access to most of Cleveland's neighboring suburbs and cities, including Lakewood to the west and University Circle to the east.  


Beerhead Bar + Eatery

Welcome to the Farm

Jade New Asian + Sushi Bar

Smokey's BBQ + Saloon

Rum Runners

Truman's 216


27 Club Coffee

Frozen Daquiri Bar + Restaurant

1330 on the River

Punch Bowl Social

Alley Cat Oyster Bar

Lindey's Lake House

FWD Day + Nightclub


Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville

Collision Bend Brewing Company

Dante's Inferno

The Big Bang Dueling Piano Bar


One of Cleveland's oldest neighborhoods, Ohio City is a historic community with unique residential and commercial spaces as well as landmarks and a vibrant shopping district. The neighborhood stretches from the Cuyahoga River to W. 50th street with Lake Erie to the north and I-90 to the south. Once a popular location for employees at the docks, mills, foundries, distilleries and bottling works, Ohio City has become an ideal location for those who want the excitement and accessibility of downtown living with a neighborhood feel.

Ohio City is centrally located with direct access to downtown Cleveland via the Bob Hope Memorial Bridge, Veterans Memorial Bridge, and the Cleveland Memorial Shoreway. The neighboring communities of Edgewater and Tremont are both just short drives from Ohio City. Lakewood, West Park, and other nearby suburbs are accessible via I-90 in addition to eastern neighborhoods such as North Collinwood. Ohio City also features the W.25 - Ohio City RTA Train Station connecting residents to other surrounding suburbs to the west and to the east side neighborhoods such as University Circle.

The neighborhood was founded in the early 1800s and has experienced several periods of change in the years since. Originally a part of the Brooklyn Township, Ohio City became its own city in 1836 before later being incorporated into the city of Cleveland in 1854. The historic architecture and charm has remained with a number of landmarks and popular destinations having been revitalized and maintained. The neighborhood's architectural style features buildings with Greek Revival, Italianate, and Queen Anne elements. One of the most popular and well-known landmarks is the famous West Side Market. As Cleveland's oldest publicly owned market opened in 1840 with the current structure was built in 1912, the nationwide attraction to hundreds of food and produce vendors has been a staple of Ohio City and continues to be. 

Historic Landmarks

West Side Market

Ohio City Mural

Robert Russell Rhodes Mansion

John Heisman Birthplace

Hope Memorial Bridge

Monroe Street Cemetery

Veterans Memorial Bridge

In recent years, Ohio City has become a hot spot for foodies and craft beer enthusiasts. With dozens of restaurants and a dense population of breweries and microbreweries scattered about Ohio City, the centrally located neighborhood is within all kinds of entertainment. Ohio's oldest microbrewery, Great Lakes Brewing Company,  has been noted as important to Cleveland's local identity and as one of the initial forces behind the revival of the Ohio City neighborhood on the near West Side. The brewery was founded in 1988 and remains in its original location on Ohio City's W. 25th district. 


Nano Brew


Market Garden Brewery

Great Lakes Brewing Company

Bookhouse Brewing

Saucy Brew Works

Platform Beer Company

Bad Tom Smith Brewing

Hansa Brewery

ABC the Tavern

B and G Tavern

Bakersfield Tacos

Banana Blossom

Bar Cento

Bier Markt

Boaz Cafe

Bogtrotter's Doorstep

Citizen Pie

Crop Bistro & Bar

Dave's Cosmic Subs

Flying Fig

Forest City Shuffleboard

Heck's Café

Herb 'N Twine

Johnny Mango World Café


Bonbon Cafe

Kan Zaman

La Borincana Foods

Le Petit Triangle Café

Market Avenue Wine Bar

Momocho Mod Mex

Nate's Deli & Restaurant

Nick's Family Restaurant

Ohio City BBQ

Ohio City Burrito

Ohio City Galley

Old Angle Tavern

Old Fashion Hot Dog Inn

Phnom Penh Restaurant

Pizza Whirl

SOHO Kitchen & Bar

Souper Market


Tabletop Board Game Cafe

The Black Pig

The Harp

The Plum

The Rib Cage Smokehouse & Bar

Touch Supper Club

West Side Market Café

Xinji Noodle Bar

Tea Shops/Coffee Shops/Juicery

Cleveland Tea Revival

Rising Star

Beet Jar Juice Bar

Phoenix Coffee

Duck Rabbit Coffee

Fresh Brewed Coffee

Foyer at Beauty Shop

Koffie Cafe


Mitchell's Homemade Ice Cream

The Cleveland Bagel Company

Larder Delicatessen and Bakery

Farkas Pastry Shoppe

Campbell's Sweets Factory

Mason's Creamery

Bigmouth Donut Company

The Ohio City neighborhood is also a popular location for festivals and markets. The most popular festival is the neighborhood's Ohio City Street Festival held annually at the end of September on W. 25th's main shopping district. The festival features Cleveland's best food, drink, retail, music, and arts entertainment that the neighborhood has to offer. The event also features a Kid Zone that is family-friendly fun including arts performances, interactive games, activities, crafts, inflatables and more.


5/18 - 10/19 - Open Air in Market Square from 10:00a - 4:00p (1st and 3rd Saturday)

6/20 - 6/23 - Strawberry Solstice (all day)

6/20 - 10/17 - Cleveland Bazaar Third Thursday Markets from 5:00p to 9:00p

6/29 - Ohio City Games from 12:00p - 4:00p

7/10 - Summer Block Party Series in Ohio City from 5:00p to 9:000

9/29 - Ohio City Street Festival from 12:00p - 8:00p


Located southwest of downtown Cleveland on the edge of city limits, the Larchmere shopping district is a historic neighborhood with unique shops, art and antique stores, restaurants and personal services. The neighborhood's main shopping district - Larchmere Boulevard - is ten blocks of upbeat vitality and offbeat charm running west to east between E. 120th Street and North Moreland Boulevard. Located north of Shaker Square, Larchmere has evolved into a truly unique shopping destination that is home to independent, locally-owned and locally-operated businesses.

With a majority of the neighborhood homes built between 1910 and 1925, the Larchmere residential and shopping community is popular for its duplex style homes and turn-of-the-century style single family homes. In 2015, the neighborhood was officially listed as the Woodland-Larchmere Commercial Historic District when it was approved by the state and the National Park Service. In addition to the recognition on the National Register of Historic Places, the neighborhood underwent a $3 million streetscape project to help redevelop that district; creating new crosswalks, installing distinctive bike racks, and other amenities aside from resurfacing.  

The neighborhood is also a haven for artists and like-minded individuals with art installations, murals, and galleries lining the main shopping district. Several of the galleries double as studios and are home to many of Cleveland's unique talents. The community has been described as funky, retro, and shabby chic due to its general atmosphere and artist scene.


American Crafts

Bingham's Antiques

Conservation Studios

Fiddlehead Gallery

Fasi's Cultural Experience

Fine Points

Larchmere Fire Works

Larchmere Oriental Rugs

Larchmere Arts

Marc Goodman Antiques

Wolfs Gallery

Loganberry Books & Strong Bindery

The Dancing Sheep

Gentlemens' Quarter  

Frog's Legs

Our Favorite Things Tre Boutique & Aromatherapy

Two Crows for Joy

Abide Yoga

Eclectic Eccentric

Monarch Boutique


Academy Tavern

Baba Yaga's Greenhouse Cafe

Barroco Arepa Bar & Concert Cafe

Batuqui, the Flavor of Brazil

Big Al's Diner

DiVita's Larchmere Deli and Beverage

Felice Urban Cafe

Flying Cranes Cafe

Larchmere Tavern

The 3 Aprons Bakery & Cafe

UnBar Cafe - Coming Soon


All-Starz Barber Shop

Christopher Amira Studio

Classic Clippers

High Maintenance Salon

Jae Marie's Hair Studio

Leit Mo Tiv Salon

Look Studio

Martel Salon

Polished Professionals

Rebecca's Shaker Barber Shop

A Touch of Rain Nail Spa

Whiplash Studios

Alina's Tailoring

Corcoran Arts and Appraisals

A popular location for festivals, the Larchmere shopping district features several yearly events including the PorchFest and the Larchmere Arts Festival. The PorchFest is a free music event that features a day with a lineup of about 30 bands on 30 different porches scattered about the neighborhood. A major event in Cleveland, the festival includes live music as well as theatrical and artistic performances, enhanced food options and great shopping and socializing to create a cohesive community within the Larchmere neighborhood and greater Cleveland.


PorchFest - June 15th from 2:00p to 10:00p

Larchmere Festival - Saturday, July 6th from 10:00a to 5:00p

Author Alley - Saturday, July 6th from 12:00p to 4:00p

Sidewalk Sale Labor Day Weekend - Saturday, August 31st from 10:00a to 5:00p

Halloween Candy Run - Thursday, October 31st from 5:00p to 7:30p


Located just west of downtown Cleveland via the Cleveland Memorial Shoreway, the Detroit-Shoreway neighborhood is a community complete with restaurants, bars, entertainment, art galleries, and shops. The neighborhood is walkable with interesting street art, parks, shopping districts, and access to the Edgewater Park and Marina and Lakefront Bikeway. The neighborhood is bordered by Lake Erie to the north, Clark Avenue to the south, the West Eighties to the west and Ohio City to the east.

Well known for the Gordon Square Arts District, the area is a popular location for art shows, film festivals, and concerts. A popular film festivals includes the traveling Banff Film Festival held at the Capitol Theatre. The Capitol Theatre also features current films and movies as well as special feature showings. The Cleveland Public Theatre is a community theatre that has been around since the 1980s as both an outlet for community youth and local artists; putting on shows, classes, and workshops. The Near West Theatre is a newer theatre to the neighborhood with a rich history in Cleveland. The theatre specializes in musical productions with casts of all ages, with a special emphasis on serving at-risk youth in the Cleveland area. The theatre opened the doors of its new facility in 2015 in the Gordon Square Arts District.


Cleveland Public Theatre

Capitol Theatre

Near West Theatre

The Gordon Square Arts District is a spirited arts and culture developed to foster economic growth and livability in Gordon Square and the rest of the Detroit-Shoreway neighborhood. The Gordon Square Arts District organization's vision was to create an exciting lakefront neighborhood with vibrant theatres and enhanced art activity that are a regional destination for arts and culture. The neighborhood, which features several art studios including the 78th Street Studios, is a hub for the arts. The 78th Street Studios is the largest art and design complex in Northeast Ohio, featuring 170,000 square feet of art galleries, artist studios, performance spaces, and music recording studios.

Art Galleries

78th Street Studios

Gordon Square Arts Space



78th Street Studios Third Friday Art Walk - every third Friday from 5:00p to 9:00p

Love Fest: Pride and Jazz! - Tuesday, June 18th at 08:00p

Wintertide - December 2019 (date to be announced)

Dia de Muertos Cleveland - November 2019 (date to be announced)

Edgewater Live - held every Thursday starting May 30th from 4:30p to 9:00p

Edgewater Beach Cleanup - Tuesday, Jun 4th from 5:30p to 7:30p

One of the neighborhood's main attractions - Edgewater Beach and Park - are popular venues for festivals, concerts, races, food trucks, and more. Shared with the Edgewater neighborhood, the beach and park are managed by the Cleveland Metroparks and feature two beaches, a pier, trails, pavilions for picnics and an endless list of events. One of the more popular events is the weekly concert series, Edgewater Live, held every Thursday starting the end of May. This concert series features live music, an assortment of local food and drink, and beautiful lake views. Other popular events include yoga on the beach and run/walk events raising money for charity organizations. The Lakefront Bikeway provides access from the Detroit-Shoreway neighborhood to the Edgewater neighborhood, park, and beach as well as Ohio City and the West Bank of the flats.


Edgewater Park Beach

Edgewater Park

Lorain Avenue Antiques District

The Cleveland EcoVillage

A popular spot for restaurateurs and foodies, the Detroit-Shoreway area is packed with restaurants, bars, cafes, and more. With a number of specialty eateries, the Gordon Square Arts District is known for its unique food shops that are anywhere fine dining to quick bites or a place to grab a coffee or an adult beverage. Most of these restaurants are within walking distance of the art galleries and theatres; making the neighborhood a great stop for food and drink enthusiasts.  


Nunzio's Pizzeria

Local West

Ninja City Kitchen and Bar


Luxe Kitchen & Lounge

XYZ the Tavern

Happy Dog

Stone Mad Pub

Parkview Nite Club

Banter Beer and Wine

Minh Anh

Indian Delight

Astoria Cafe & Market

The Big Egg Family Restaurant

Sweet Moses

Blue Habanero - Street Tacos & Tequila

The Boiler 65

Gypsy Beans & Baking Co.


Daily Press

Flight Cleveland

Frank's Falafel House

Good Company

Il Rione Pizzeria

Rincon Criollo

Spice Kitchen & Bar


Super Electric Pinball Parlor

Terrestrial Brewing Company


Located just east of downtown Cleveland along the HealthLine bus rapid transit route on Euclid Avenue, University Circle is a burgeoning neighborhood built around University Hospital, the Cleveland Clinic, Case Western Reserve University and the many museums. With attractions such as the Uptown shopping district, educational institutions, and the historic Murray Hill area, University Circle has become a cultural hub just minutes from downtown Cleveland and the near-east suburbs. The I-90 Cleveland Memorial Shoreway is a few minutes drive from most of University Circle. The neighborhood also features two Red Line transit stops located at the bottom of the Murray Hill area on Mayfield Road and at the bottom of Cedar Hill. Both provide residents with access to downtown and the surrounding suburbs.  

The University Circle residential style is a blend of old and new with new construction apartments and townhomes being developed in several parts of the area for those who enjoy a more contemporary lifestyle. The neighborhood is also home to a number of historic homes and apartments that include unique architectural features. University Circle is a community that has experienced quite a bit of development with new shopping, restaurants, and residential spaces, some of which are still in the works.

Widely known for its arts and history museums, University Circle is home to the Cleveland Museum of Art which was ranked no. 2 in the country in 2016 by Business Insider. The museum features a number of galleries that are open to the public at no cost and contain world-renowned works of art by artists including Picasso, Degas, van Gogh, Monet, Dalí, Warhol, and more. The museum also features special temporary exhibits for a fee that have included Pharaoh: King of Ancient Egypt, Georgia O'Keeffe, and most recently, Shinto: Discovery of the Divine in Japanese Art.


Cleveland Museum of Art

Cleveland Museum of Natural History

Cleveland Botanical Garden

Western Reserve Historical Society

Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland

Dittrick Museum of Medical History

Crawford Auto Aviation Collection


Severance Hall

Home to the world-renowned Cleveland Orchestra, Severance Hall was opened in 1931 and is considered to be one of the world's most beautiful concert halls. For over a century, the orchestra has traveled the globe and become one of the most admired symphony orchestras in the world. A true rare gem of Cleveland, the orchestra and Severance Hall are pillars of the University Circle community.


Cleveland Institute of Art

Cleveland Institute of Music


Wade Oval & Lagoon

Ambler Park

Tony Brush Park

A community built by diversity, University Circle is a frequent location for festivals and events dedicated to the arts. One of the more notable festivals is the Parade the Circle; a free yearly event to celebrate the arts, culture, and music from local groups and organizations complete homemade decorations and costumes.


Parade the Circle 2019 - Saturday, June 8th from 10:00a to 4:00p

Solstice Festival 2019 - Saturday, June 22nd from 8:00 to 1:00a

CMA Chalk Festival - Saturday, September 21st from 11:00a to 5:00p

Wade Oval Wednesdays - Every Wednesday starting June 12th from 6:00p to 9:00p

Feast of the Assumption 2019 - Thursday, August 15th to Sunday, August 18th from 12:00p to 11:00p

University Circle's Murray Hill area is a well-known attraction with beautiful churches, shops, Italian restaurants, galleries, and events. Most notably, Murray Hill's Feast of the Assumption is an annual celebration that brings attendees from all over Northeast Ohio for food delicacies, entertainment, and local vendors. The festival has been occurring for more than a century, having begun in 1898. The neighborhood was built by immigrant Italian families and has added to the architecture's historical charm.


Located just west of downtown Cleveland, Edgewater is a lakefront neighborhood with ample outdoor space, restaurants, and retail including the Clifton Boulevard Historic District. The neighborhood extends from West 117th, where Lakewood begins, to the Detroit-Shoreway neighborhood to the east. With excellent beach access at the nearby Edgewater Beach and Park, Edgewater truly is lakefront living at its best.

Edgewater is a vibrant neighborhood with a unique mixture apartment buildings, duplexes, triplexes, and individual homes. A walkable neighborhood with tree-lined streets, Edgewater is also a bike-friendly community with access to the Cleveland Lakefront Bikeway at Edgewater Park. The bikeway extends a total of 17 miles along the city's Lake Erie shoreline, between Euclid and Edgewater Park. The neighborhood is also known for its grand, stately homes with unique architectural features located on both Lake Avenue and Edgewater Drive as well as Harborview Drive. Many of these homes are located just a short walk from the water with some even having private access to Lake Erie and views of downtown Cleveland.

Edgewater is close to other popular neighborhoods including Lakewood, Ohio City, Tremont, and downtown Cleveland. With access to the Shoreway, Edgewater is only a short drive to the other surrounding eastern neighborhoods and suburbs including last week's feature, North Collinwood, just east of the city.


Earth Bistro Cafe

Liquid Fresh Planet Clifton

Project: Pizza

Clifton Martini & Wine Bar

Don's Lighthouse Grille

Pulp Juice & Smoothie Bar

Twist Social Club

Landmark: Smokehouse. Kitchen. Bar.

Tick Tock Tavern

China Cafe

El Jalapenos Authentic Mexican Restaurant

Papa Nick's Pizza & Pasta

The Brother's Lounge


Lucky's Market

Coffee Shop



Flower Child


J. Romer Salon

Eddy's Barbershop


Edgewater Park Beach

Edgewater Park


Edgewater Cleveland Sign

Cleveland Lakefront Bikeway

The neighborhood's main attractions - Edgewater Beach and Park - are popular venues for festivals, concerts, races, food trucks, and more. Shared with the Detroit-Shoreway neighborhood, the beach and park are managed by the Cleveland Metroparks and feature two beaches, a pier, trails, pavilions for picnics and an endless list of events. One of the more popular events is the weekly concert series, Edgewater Live, held every Thursday starting the end of May. This concert series features live music, an assortment of local food and drink, and beautiful lake views. Other popular events include yoga on the beach and run/walk events raising money for charity organizations.

Events 2019

Edgewater Live - held every Thursday starting May 30th from 4:30p to 9:00p

Edgewater Beach Cleanup - Tuesday, Jun 4th from 5:30p to 7:30p

PositiveSpin216 - Friday, June 21st from 6:00p to 9:30p

Edgewater Street Fest 2019 - Sunday, June 30th from 12:00p to 7:00p

AIA Cleveland Sand Festival 2019 - Saturday, August 3rd from 8:00a to 5:00p


A lakefront neighborhood located just north of the highway, North Collinwood is a community of artists and small businesses. This community features beautiful, eclectic homes with tons of character and charm that come at an affordable price tag. While much of the neighborhood was a popular residential community for the nearby railroad workers in the early 1900s the neighborhoods near and north of Lakeshore were second homes or beach houses for those who wanted to escape the city and spend some time on Lake Erie.This historic neighborhood on the water is experiencing a steady revitalization.  

A truly unique aspect is the neighborhood's lakefront beach clubs with private water access that line the north coast of Lake Erie. Starting at the edge of Bratenahl on the western side of North Collinwood, there are a series of private beach clubs including the Ouidenarde Club, Groveland Club, and Shore Acres Association. Moving farther east, the Coronado Beach Association, Beachland Park, East Shore Park Club among others are located to the east of the Wildwood Marina and park as well as Euclid Beach park and only a short walk or drive to the storefront districts.

The community has two main streets which include Waterloo; also known as the Waterloo Arts District, and the historic E. 185th district. A true hidden gem just east of Bratenahl Village, North Collinwood has a lot to offer including lakefront parks, entertainment, restaurants, coffee shops, brewery, and murals on every corner. One of the more recognizable landmarks in North Collinwood is the Beachland Ballroom and Tavern. As one of the anchors of the Waterloo Arts District, the venue brings concert-goers as well as foodies to enjoy their music shows and diner style food.  

Lakefront Parks

  1. Wildwood Park and Marina
  2. Euclid Beach Park

Popular Events 2019

  1. Euclid Beach Live - every Friday from May 31, 2019 to August 2, 2019
  2. Walk All Over Waterloo - every first Friday of the month from 5:00pm to 10:00pm
  3. Waterloo Arts Fest - Saturday, June 29, 2019 from 12:00pm to 7:00pm


  1. Beachland Ballroom and Tavern
  2. The Callaloo Café and Bar
  3. Ritual Juicery and Kitchen (coming June 2019)
  4. Citizen Pie
  5. Scotti's Italian Eatery
  6. The Standard
  7. Chili Peppers
  8. Irie Jamaican Kitchen
  9. Fresh Catch Seafood
  10. Luckys Restaurant
  11. Gus's Diner 185
  12. Muldoon's Saloon & Eatery
  13. Calypso's Cafe
  14. Bratenahl Kitchen

Coffee Shop/Brewery

  1. Six Shooter Coffee
  2. The Cleveland Brewery

A true haven for artists and creativity, the community also features a number of art galleries spread out across North Collinwood's Waterloo Arts District. Many of the galleries offer free exhibits, programs, classes, and more for local residents to enjoy.

  1. Waterloo Arts Gallery
  2. Phone Gallery
  3. Waterloo 7 Gallery
  4. Space: ROCK
  5. Praxis Fiber Workshop
  6. Azure Stained Glass Studio
  7. Ink House
  8. Matt Shiffler Photography
  9. Article: Art in Cleveland


Located just west of the Cuyahoga River, Tremont is a residential neighborhood known for being one of the oldest areas in Cleveland with its rehabilitated and new construction homes, great views of downtown Cleveland, and scenic walkability. It can easily be identified by the many church steeples throughout the neighborhood. The historic Lincoln Park, the neighborhood's town square, and Tremont Park are great places to enjoy the outdoors. The recently renovated and expanded Tremont Park also features a dog park and has the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail running right through it.

Tremont is just a short drive from downtown Cleveland, Ohio City, Lakewood, and other neighboring communities. The neighborhood's central location makes it easy to access all points in the region. For those who enjoy Cleveland tourist stops, Tremont is also home to the A Christmas Story House which has been turned into a museum for year-round enjoyment.

In recent years, Tremont has transformed into one of Cleveland's trendiest neighborhoods with the main streets lined with restaurants, cafes, shops, boutiques, bars, and art galleries. With all types of food, there is something for everyone. Some of the more landmark stops include:

Landmark restaurants/cafes/etc

  1. Sokolowski's University Inn
  2. Prosperity Social Club
  3. Grumpy's Cafe

Top 10 Food Spots (

  1. Trio
  2. The Bourbon Street Barrel Room
  3. Sokolowski's University Inn
  4. Fat Cats
  5. Tremont Tap House
  6. Fahrenheit
  7. Dante
  8. Crust
  9. Ushabu
  10. The South Side

Coffee Shops

  1. Civilization
  2. Loop
  3. Beviamo
  4. Duck-Rabbit Coffee
  5. Terrapin Coffee Company

The neighborhood is also a frequent choice for arts and food festivals including the Tremont Arts & Cultural Festival in addition to the Taste of Tremont, the annual Greek Festival, Crafted; a local food, beer and music festival, and a number of other events.

Festivals 2019

  1. Tremont Arts & Cultural Festival
  2. Taste of Tremont
  3. Greek Festival
  4. Crafted - Local Food, Beer & Music Festival
  5. Tremont Trek Home Tour
  6. Walkabout Tremont

With the continued development and revitalization happening in Tremont, this area is definitely one to keep an eye on.

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