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While the winter season may not have officially hit the Cleveland area with a record breaking snowstorm, the winter home buying and selling market has arrived. To make your home more attractive to potential buyers, we put together a short list of priority items that we suggest sellers complete before placing your home on the market. 

  1. Clean your windows. Giving them a good cleaning will help brighten up your home and let more light in. With shorter days and an earlier sunset, winter time can sometimes be a bit dark and gloomy. Allowing as much light in as possible will help show off your home to potential buyers. Also make sure all lighting fixtures are working and replace all fixtures with brand new light bulbs to avoid any dimly lit areas. 
  2. Recaulk doors and windows. By doing this simple task, you will help block any potential gaps that could allow cold air into the home. It is important to make your home feel warm during the winter housing market. 
  3. Set your thermostat to a comfortable temperature for when potential buyers attend showings. Similarly to the previous point, you want to avoid having potential buyers view the home as cold and uninviting. 
  4. Have your chimney cleaned by a professional. Cozying up by the fire this winter season can be a selling point for potential buyers. Having your chimney serviced by a professional is imperative for safe use of the fireplace.
  5. Keep your driveway and walkway clear for showings. While we have not seen much snow just yet, it is important to keep in mind that all pathways to your home are properly salted and shoveled before any showings to potential buyers. 
  6. Keep up with dusting. Before placing your home on the market, make sure to clean off any dust that may have accumulated on ceiling fans blades once they have been turned off. Before turning on your heating systems, make sure all base boards, filters, and vents are wiped down. While your home is on the market, keep up with weekly dustings to avoid any buildup that can be unsightly to potential buyers. 

Moving to the Cleveland Area? We made the transition easier by providing a list of helpful resources to make the move easier. Whether you need help finding your local grocery store or a place to get important community news, we have got you covered.

Find your local community development news!

Freshwater Cleveland

The Land

Cleveland Magazine

Find your local grocery store! Click below to find the most conveniently located grocery store. 


Dave's Supermarket


Lucky's Market

Giant Eagle

Click here for a comprehensive list of Cleveland's Supermarkets!

Find your local coffee shop! Check out one of these fantastic local coffee shops.

Click here to view our Cleveland Coffee Shop Guide.

Find your local farmers market! Click below to check out our blog post on all of greater Cleveland's farmers markets including hours of operation.

Find your local CDC's information to get involved or to stay in the know! Click below to view a list of Cleveland's Community Development Councils.

Visit for up-to-date information on upcoming events, where to eat, and more. also provides regularly updated information on local mandates in relation to COVID-19.

What else makes a new community feel like home? Let us know what other resources you'd like to see listed.


33rd Annual ArtCraft Show + Sale

Friday, December 3rd - Sunday, December 5th

Location: ArtCraft Studio at 2570 Superior Avenue (St. Clair - Superior)

Event Website: Click here

Holiday CircleFest Outdoor Holiday Market

Sunday, December 5th

Location: Wade Oval at 10820 East Boulevard (University Circle)

Event Website: Click here

Cleveland Bazaar at Lake Affect Studios

Sunday, December 5th

Location: Lake Effect Studios at 1615 E. 25th Street (St. Clair - Superior)

Event Website: Click here

Cleveland Bazaar Holiday!

Saturday, December 11th + Sunday, December 12th

Location: 78th Street Studios at 1300 W. 78th Street (Gordon Square)

Event Website: Click here

Queer the Halls Holiday Market

Saturday, December 11th + Sunday, December 12th

Location: LGBT Community Center of Greater Cleveland at 6705 Detroit Avenue (Detroit Shoreway)

Event Website: Click here

2021 Holiday Co-Op

Now until Sunday, December 19th

Location: Waterloo Arts at 15605 Waterloo Road (N. Collinwood)

Event Website: Click here

Holiday Market at the Screw Factory

Friday, December 17th

Location: Screw Factory at 13000 Athens Avenue (Birdtown)

Event Website: Click here

Beachland Holiday Flea

Saturday, December 18th

Location: Beachland Ballroom + Tavern at 15711 Waterloo Road (N. Collinwood)

Event Website: Click here

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