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Email Post to a Friend: How Landscaping Can Add Value to Your Home

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It is no secret in the real estate industry that curb appeal is a leading factor in attracting potential buyers to a specific listing. So much so that when you research "benefits of curb appeal when selling a home", the search produces millions of blog posts and articles written by experts as well as reputable home websites about the topic. Alternatively, when looking for tips on increasing the chances of selling a home quickly, improving the listing's curb appeal is most often included as a bullet point. 

"Adding one healthy tree can increase property values by 30% or more, according to 1 in 5 real estate agents." (

The team at took it one step further and gathered data to back up the common belief by conducting a study where they surveyed 1,250 real estate agents across the country. We pulled some additional important data from the study and organized it into an infographic for easy reading. Let us know what you think! Do you believe that landscaping is an important step in preparing a home for sale? Click here to read the full article!

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