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Moving is a consistently stressful task that can seem to be never-ending and discouraging. To make the moving process easier, we put together a list of moving tasks and a few pro-tips to make the process much simpler. Have any tips that we missed? Let us know!

  1. Schedule a moving day! Make sure this day works with your schedule and try to avoid holidays or weekends. Those times tend to be busier for rental or moving companies.
  2. Schedule your moving crew ahead of time. As soon as you have your moving date set and you plan on hiring a crew, be sure to schedule as soon as possible. The Housing Market - rental and ownership - is highly competitive and that extends to associated services such as moving crews or even rental trucks. Plan ahead!
  3. Declutter all of your spaces, sell any furniture you do not intend to take with you, and donate any remaining items. The less stuff you will need to sort through at your new place, the less potential for headache. 
  4. Collect boxes! Whether you have a friend who frequently receives shipments, know a local small business looking to get rid of some empty boxes, or order a lot through Amazon, start gathering boxes and get to packing. Unless you need a specific size there is no reason to spend extra money on buying new boxes. 
  5. Label your boxes! One of the most helpful things you can do is label boxes with what room the items belong to and even include a small list of items that may be of importance. 
  6. Pro-tip: Consider packing a weekend bag with essentials to make your first few days of unpacking easier. With so many boxes to go through and unpack, having a bag with a few days worth of clothes, your bathroom essentials, a phone charger, wallets, keys, etc. can provide an easier transition for a new home.
  7. Pro-tip: Put together an "necessities pack" with any household items you will likely need in the first few days. These items can include various tools such as a hammer, screw driver (both flathead and phillips), batteries, flashlight, cleaning supplies, broom and dust pan, soap and hand towels, toilet paper, extra light bulbs, and any other items you may want on hand for before all boxes have been packed.
  8. Set up mail forwarding! Visit to update your address and have any future mail be sent to your new home. There is even an option to have your voter registration address updated!
  9. Transfer all utility accounts. This is a tedious but necessary process and should be done right before moving. 
  10. Treat yourself to takeout from your favorite local restaurant! Long day(s) of moving is a great excuse to support your local neighborhood spots. 

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